VIDEO: Craven, narcissistic, bullying slubberdegullion liberal (redundant, I know) harasses Chick-fil-A employee.

CMR deserves thanks for letting us know about this video. Give him some traffic.

This is a great example of what liberals are really like. Talk about hate!

Brrrr…. I just had a flashback to my old seminary faculty. Brrrrrrr!


What a craven slubberdegullion this narcissist is for bullying this employee, whom he had to know was unable to put up a fight. I think she handled herself pretty well. And he recorded himself because it was all about him and how wonderful he is. Otherwise, perhaps the blatteroon wanted to provoke her into something that could be used against the company.

Note to priests and bishops:

Reverend gentlemen, I have over the last few months posted several entries about liberals with video cameras confronting priests, in church and in front of church. We have to think about this and be prepared.

Perhaps dioceses could have some workshops for priests and seminarians on how to handle these moments.

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  1. Kat says:

    Your note is important, and not only for priests and bishops but lay Catholics, as well. I had to answer a phone call of that type recently (I can only hope I wasn’t recorded because I don’t think my voice sounds very good recorded), and I’m not even in a position of any authority at any diocese or parish, but a lowly worker at a Catholic newspaper. We all need to be ready to defend ourselves and our faith at any moment.

  2. wmeyer says:

    Kudos to the young woman, who maintained her composure throughout this episode. He “can’t stand the hate” yet the only hate I heard was his. Liberalism, it is indeed a social disease.

  3. Sissy says:

    But, but, but…..I thought it was all those mean chicken-eaters who are full of hate?

  4. Banjo pickin girl says:

    I’ve had co-workers bait me about stuff. I am ready.

  5. Burke says:

    What a gentleman! And note how he feels obliged to tell her that he is a nice guy AND he’s not gay … why should it matter to him whether anyone thinks he’s gay or not if he’s ‘down’ with all that? But the whole thing has backfired on him … he was getting 99% dislikes on youtube & tons of nasty comments so he pulled the video … which somebody kindly re-posted for him! And someone else recognized him and put up his contact details! A total failure from start to finish … just like the Chick-fil-a boycott!

  6. Midwest St. Michael says:

    I believe this is the man, Adam Smith, and is listed at U of A in Tucson, AZ.

  7. Manhattan Trid says:

    She had the patience of a saint. I hope the jerk isn’t in a position of authority (or worse, a parent) because he is absolutely insufferable.

  8. Sissy says:

    Manhattan Trid: I read on another site that he’s an adjunct lecturer (how low can you go?) at some college in Arizona. His students are to be pitied.

  9. Blue Henn says:

    I want to know if that “group of students” really did have a “sit in” like he was hoping…. Kinda looked like they were frequenting that other place to me… Talk about stereotyping! Group of young people + near place of “hate” = young liberal protesters! Not necessarily sir, not necessarily.

  10. Sissy says:

    Update: he claims to be “CEO of a catheter tip company” and an adjunct lecturer at University of Arizona in Tucson. With people-skills like those, it’s no wonder he’s risen into the 1%.

  11. acardnal says:

    Liberals love to speak of how tolerance should prevail in society except when they are intolerant themselves.

    This young lady did nothing wrong. Chick-fil-A has done nothing wrong. In fact, they employ and serve homosexuals. So “where’s the beef?” as the old Wendy’s commercial used to say.

  12. Sissy says:

    Yes, this is what tolerance looks like on a progressive. “Tolerance for me, but not for thee”.

  13. acardnal says:

    This reminds me of the time a group of us were praying the Stations of the Cross while walking around the block in front of the PP clinic and some bozo was driving around yelling at us “stop judging people”. And yet, wasn’t he judging us??

    No logic in these people’s lives.

  14. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Today happens to be the feast day of St. Auspicius of Apt ( If I am ever in the situation of this lovely young woman, I will try to remember to pray to St. Auspicius for the apt words with which to respond.

    This Friday, by the way, is supposed to be the “Kiss-In” day for Chick-fil-A opponents. In Massachusetts, I’d expect a huge turnout, well covered by the media.

  15. Sissy says:

    I read this comment over at Stand Firm and thought it was worth sharing:

    “I think people all around the country are finally coming to understand that there is a strain of liberalism, represented by gay rights groups and some elected officials among others (pro-choicers and environmentalists have their share as well), that is essentially totalitarian in its intolerance of dissenting points of view. Some of us have seen that at work for years now, but a lot of politically disconnected people, as well as political moderates and independents, have had their eyes opened to the realization that for some on the left, debate is over, disagreement with their agenda is no longer allowed, and you must comply.”

  16. Manhattan Trid says:

    Living in the world capital of progressivism (or one them, at least) I see idiots like this all the time who have fancy college “education” but can’t articulate an argument philosophically.

  17. Facta Non Verba says:

    “slubberdegullion” — I learned a new word today.

  18. acardnal says:

    Sissy says:
    2 August 2012 at 12:46 pm
    Update: he claims to be “CEO of a catheter tip company” and an adjunct lecturer at University of Arizona in Tucson. With people-skills like those, it’s no wonder he’s risen into the 1%.

    I think his catheter dislodged.

  19. Sissy says:

    acardnal: The jokes just write themselves.

  20. dominic1955 says:

    There are a lot of degrees out there, but very little education or knowledge let alone wisdom. A college “education” these days is often just an expensive way to get a work permit. People with all sorts of degrees get maybe skill set-and little else. A liberal education (using the word in its good sense) is very rare, yet it is the foundation of being truly educated. Do not let yourselves be held in thralldom to the parchment, it means nothing compared to what it did 50-100 years ago.

    If these kind of people were truly educated, they would know that staging these sorts of ambushes is infantile in the extreme and does nothing to “prove” your point. Idiots like this guy fantasize that their childish antics are the equivalent of doing something like that guy who stood in front of those tanks in Tiananmen Square. Its pretty sad how deluded and detatched from reality these people can be.

  21. wmeyer says:

    Sissy said: …a strain of liberalism… that is essentially totalitarian in its intolerance of dissenting points of view.

    And in other ways, as well. But I would assert that it is increasingly difficult to find a liberal who is not that rigid in his views. Lockstep is a feature of the mentality, it appears, whether inside the beltway or out. How many of us have had the experience of attempting a conversation, discussion, debate, with a liberal friend, only to find that his replies are dismissive, condescending, and blind?

  22. I contacted Mr. Smith’s employer (Vante) and respectfully asked them to demand his resignation.

  23. patergary says:

    We were reminded by our Archbishop that if someone from the media interviewed us (priests) we have to refer them to our office of media communications.

  24. jarhead462 says:

    “I’m not gay”
    No, you are obviously rude and nasty- gay would mean that you are happy and pleasant.
    Unless he meant that he was not a Homosexual.
    Of course you’re not…….Why the disclaimer?
    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.
    Semper Fi!

  25. jessicahoff says:

    At the end. He says he just did ‘something good’ and feels OK. So, a liberal version of doing something good is to insult a polite young woman whom he knows cannot answer back. If that makes him feel good, he needs to get a grip. he’s a disgraceful bully.

  26. Sissy says:

    wmeyer: I find individuals with the liberal mindset usually change the subject when confronted with the logic. On some level, they know they can’t defend their positions rationally.

  27. wmeyer says:

    Sissy: Yes, the bob and weave maneuver. ;) More often than not, I find they have little, if any, comprehension of reason, logic, or economics. That last, of course, is critical to their blind acceptance of liberal mantras.

  28. MuchLikeMartha says:

    He told her how she should be ashamed of herself for working there. She was nothing but charitable and professional to him through the whole thing. I am so tired of people assuming that we “hate” (oh, how I’m beginning to loathe that word!!!) because we disagree with them.

    My mama always told me, “You know what happens when you assume…” That guy did, and he was.

  29. Supertradmum says:

    Well, he is a product of the generation who was never taught any moral framework in school or at home. He is the modern American, with no manners and no spiritual life. His parents probably never spanked him as that is not the liberal thing to do. And, it shows.

    What a sad, sad man. God bless the young woman.

  30. pfreddys says:

    Over this weekend I will be taking my son camping with his Cub Scout Pack. Near the camp is a Chick-a-fil which I intend to go to and buy a late night snack for the kids and their parents.
    Boy Scouting and Chick-a-fil…….doesn’t get much better than that!!!!

  31. Sissy says:

    wmeyer said: “More often than not, I find they have little, if any, comprehension of reason, logic, or economics.”

    Hence, their embrace of liberalism! A complete suspension of reason is the necessary precondition for espousing progressive positions.

  32. jflare says:

    Sadly enough, I’ve seen this kind of behavior before. Roughly the same attitude prevailed at my secular college some 14-17 years ago. They’d never say it openly, but you could always understand that you had a choice: You could either to the leftist line, or you could consider yourself “bigoted”, “ignorant”, or “hateful”.
    More recently, I’ve had people howl at me in a store I manage over the fact that we don’t alter our policies to suit their immediate needs.
    I’ll admit to having become a little more jaded about people’s virtue, a frame of mind I must constantly work to overcome.

  33. Sissy says:

    MuchlikeMartha said: “I am so tired of people assuming that we “hate” ”

    Classic projection. They assume others are as filled with hate as they are themselves. Notice how he begins stumbling and spinning around muttering non sequiturs (“There’s no gay in me!”) in the face of her gentle, calm responses. I think he was hoping to provoke her into some kind of ugly response. He didn’t know what to do when she continued to treat him with respect and kindness. I wonder if he’s proud of his new-found notoriety as the “guy who bullied the nice Chick-fil-a girl trying to make a living.”

  34. Legisperitus says:

    Healthy number of dislikes for this on YouTube. I suppose he will call that “hate” as well.

  35. Sissy says:

    I just read that the group trying to organize the “same-sex kiss” protest at Chick-fil-A tomorrow has changed their plan. They are now telling people to go to KFC, instead. I wonder how KFC feels about that?

  36. acardnal says:

    patergary, but Father, this bozo wasn’t a member of the media. Just a clown with a cell phone camera. How would you address that if confronted in a public place or at Mass? I think that is what Fr. Z is talking about. Fr. Z had a video clip several weeks ago of just that happening at a Mass!

  37. Simon_GNR says:

    ” “slubberdegullion” — I learned a new word today.”

    I don’t need any new words for him – he’s a wazzock!! I wonder if he’s from Newark? [anagram]

    The intolerance of “liberals” for any view other than their own is utterly astounding. I think if I’d been serving at that fast food counter he’d have got his free water thrown into his face!!

  38. Johnno says:

    Nancy Pelosi apaprently said in some interview that she prefers KFC over Chic Fil A. Probably in response to the outward show of support for Chic Fil A, and that’s her way of also dodging the real question related to the Obama administrations’ support of homosexuality. Coincidentally a KFC that’s long been in my area closed down… Pelosi also said she isn’t supporting the bill to audit the Federal Reserve. One crook protecting another…

  39. acardnal says:

    Customer-service employees have got one of the toughest jobs considering the number of jerks, i.e. customers, that they must deal with daily. This lady was outstanding!

  40. acardnal says:

    This video was just shown and duly criticized on Fox News “The Five” show.

  41. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    ” . . . liberals with video cameras confronting priests, in church and in front of church. We have to think about this and be prepared.”

    I think that if such a confrontation were to take place during the Sacred Liturgy, there is only one thing to do: all of the congregation must leave their places, and in as dignified a manner as possible make their way toward the area of the church that the miscreant occupies. There the assembled throng should gather around, facing him or her and should begin to chant softly “Please – Do – Not – Disrupt – Our – Sacred – Liturgy. Anyone – You – Like – Will – Talk – With – You – Outside – Afterwards. Please – Do – Not – Disrupt – Our – Sacred – Liturgy. Anyone (etc.)” Over and Over.

    An clear exit path through the throng to the nearest exit door should be maintained at all times so that the miscreant can scoot out of there.

  42. Brian K says:

    August 02, 2012 17:02 ET
    Vante of Tucson, AZ Regrets Actions of Former CFO

    Employee Has Left the Company

    TUCSON, AZ–(Marketwire – Aug 2, 2012) – The following is a statement from Vante:

    Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company.

    The actions of Mr. Smith do not reflect our corporate values in any manner. Vante is an equal opportunity company with a diverse workforce, which holds diverse opinions. We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others.

    We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante and its employees.

  43. chantgirl says:

    I hope someone in management sees this video and takes notice of how well the girl held her cool.
    I also hope that the company considers that some of their employees may be targets of violence in the months to come, and plans accordingly. Apart from abortion, I have never seen another issue that gets lefties more rabid, vicious, and irrational. You can’t argue with the rabid.

  44. Sissy says:

    So, I guess this must mean that Vante is also a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible homophobic company?

  45. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    P.S. To the above idea about the chanting throng: they should be K of C and other like-minded gents, who are willing to behave as Christian gentlemen, no physical contact, no bullying, just an assembled throng doing a soft but very clear, resonant chant. Women, too. But should be predominately adult males. And they should be trained to do like the cops, “never, never back down.” And they should be present in the congregation like sky marshals on our airliners – nobody knows who they are. But the pastor should organize a sizable crew of these folks to be present at each Mass.

  46. dominic1955 says:

    I’m glad to hear that guy got fired. You would think a CFO would be able to at least act in a civil manner. Even if he was unable to do that, you’d think he wouldn’t be stupid enough to make a video of his stupidity and then broadcast it all over the world wide web. However, like I said, parchment is a work permit and not much else.

    Welcome to the Real World, kids. Your actions have consequences even if you just thought you were being witting or standing up to “hate”.

  47. Sissy says:

    I think he might have been fired for being a homophobe. He seemed mighty anxious to make it clear he wasn’t gay, like that was bad thing or something. ;)

  48. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    What a stupid man! Imagine, he had a good career with a six-figure income (I’d guess over $250K, to put him in President Obama’s “wealthy” category) and he is now probably completely unemployable.

  49. SoliDeogloria says:

    That young lady should get a commendation for being a model employee. She certainly reflected well on the company. Here was a situation that had the potential to make Chick-fil-A look bad (to however many thousands of people saw the video), if she had said or done anything negative. Yet she remained charitable and polite the entire time, and in the end the only person who ended up looking bad was the rude customer.

    Oh…she told him she was really uncomfortable with him videotaping her, and he kept doing it anyway. Isn’t that illegal?

  50. acardnal says:

    sissy said, “So, I guess this must mean that Vante is also a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible homophobic company?”

    Yup. And Vante may be on gay community’s boycott list now.

    Money and power has a way of making some people arrogant and feel they are above the law. And that’s when they do stupid things.

    I curious to see how the gay “kiss-in” demonstrations go tomorrow.

  51. PA mom says:

    Wow, he lost his job… For all we know he just got caught up in all of this hysteria, thinking that he is defending the downtrodden.
    Well, we ate yesterday. And it was good.

  52. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    That young lady is an absolute star! God bless her!

  53. Christine says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but why would he want to record himself verbally abusing someone?

  54. robtbrown says:

    Smith’s page at UofA has been taken down, so I wonder whether he’s also been released there. It’s a bit staggering that someone who works for a business would do what he did. Dumb.

    He better have some money saved–he’s probably going to need it.

  55. SoliDeogloria says:

    I recall the video you posted of the woman arguing with “Father Ted” about Vatican II, etc. I checked back periodically at the comments section of that video on Youtube (nearly all of them have been supportive of Fr. Ted) and for a while Fr. Ted himself was responding to some of the commenters, explaining what the Church actually teaches, and pointing out the relevant passages in Vatican II. For a couple weeks or so, he even created a Youtube channel and uploaded videos about what Vatican II actually taught. I’m sure he must have been a busy man, and yet he took the extra time to explain the Faith to those who might be confused. I suppose this could serve as a model for other priests and laypeople faced with the same situation.

  56. aviva meriam says:

    In general I am exhausted by the rudeness displayed in society. No one was placed here on earth to be abused by another person.

    Yesterday I confronted (privately) someone I’ve known for decades for this type of “confrontational stuff”. Somehow, so many people decent people within modern society have been “bullied into silence” by political correctness for so long that many on the left cannot believe theyre actions might be objectionable. The scary thing is that Heterosexual couples dont go to fast food restaurants to “make out” or kiss…. it is considered inappropriate. Why would the left thing the “Kiss IN” scheduled for tomorrow will be effective?

    I did take my boys to chick-fil-a yesterday…. and will make a point of returning there next week. I think its important to sustain the support.

  57. Angie Mcs says:

    What a brave young woman. I admire her greatly.

    Father, I’m so sorry this is going on with our priests and bishops as well. They certainly don’t deserve this kind of treatment either, verbally and God forbid, physically. Yes, I hope they can get some instruction on how to deal with these bullies, the sooner the better.

    I pray for you all.

  58. acardnal says:

    @David in T.O., yes, we know he’s been fired. See entry at 4:24 pm above.

  59. These folks don’t frighten me.

    I won’t go looking for a confrontation, but–in my career before the seminary, I spent many years doing radio and TV interviews, debating antagonists (I worked in politics) and preparing others in my organization to do so. Anyone can be caught flat-footed, but, I do have some readiness and some skill.

    I don’t intimidate easily.

  60. acardnal says:

    @Fr Martin Fox , that’s the fighting spirit, Father! Saint Paul was a fighter too. You are in my prayers. God bless.

  61. Kathleen10 says:

    I didn’t watch the video. I can’t stomach bullies, and I’ve got to watch my blood pressure.

    I’m pretty surprised he got fired though. Good for Vante, and hopefully the university as well. Wonder if it will stick. Lots of companies are trying to hold the line, but when the activists show up, they cave. No spine.
    The hardest part of cultural apologetics, is at work. When retaliation may mean you get ousted, that’s scary or intimidating. Caution is the word at work. We have a right to our opinion, but the power of peer pressure or assumptions by supervisors can be really tricky. People with children to feed have to use good judgment. Think carefully before you speak always.
    The whole Chick-fil-A thing is only fantastic. Really great, really wonderful. People are waking up, looking around and seeing reality! This is better than good. November is just around the corner, and people are stoked. Superb! Maybe it will be a tidal wave.
    The kiss-in, other gross shows, work against gay activists. They don’t seem to realize it. Sometimes organizers are very cunning, other times they are pretty stupid. It’s better for them to be stupid. No one group is in control of course. I have been requesting on websites for anyone who identifies themselves as gay to make a public statement about gay men having sexual relations with boys. Will they make a public statement against it? Will they stand against sex between boys and men? Will they say, this is behavior we do not support or condone?
    Thus far, no takers. I am sick of homosexual predation on adolescent boys being called “pedophilia” and the media always calling flocks of boys being molested (ala Jerry Sandusky) “children”, thereby avoiding the inconvenient reality of these situations. These media hypocrites just sidestep the issue, and most people continue to call it the politically correct term “pedophilia”, but there is a difference here even a simpleton can comprehend, once it’s pointed out.

    Please check out MassResistance website again. They have a new article about the reality of gay marriage in Massachusetts. I haven’t read it but bet it’s useful information. They are on the front lines and know what they are talking about. They could use some support, as could the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). Great folks, badly outspent by the left.

  62. acardnal says:

    One question I ask when engaged in argument with homosexual proponents: name me one mammal that copulates with a member of its own sex (gender)? A dog, a cat, an elephant, a whale. . . . No response. Natural Law. Only the homosapien with its corrupted free will engages in this aberrant behavior.

  63. Acardnal:

    Yes, I tend to focus on Natural Law, and in that vein, I discuss evolution. I.e., as satisfying as it is for many to refer to the Bible, that doesn’t actually help our cause. This is because our opponents love to say, “see, it’s merely your religious dogma, so keep it out of our laws.”

    The fact is, marriage arises from human nature. What did those who lived far away from–or long before–the Bible? Did they sit around, unsure what to do, until someone brought them a Bible so they could marry? Of course not! Marriage is a natural institution, not invented by religion–but rather, religion supplies additional meaning to it.

    So one question I ask is, how does homosexuality serve evolution?

  64. Michelle F says:

    How nauseating and heartbreaking to watch that guy persecute that girl.

    I was bullied as a girl, and I looked forward to becoming an adult because adults didn’t do such things. Now I see that today, adults do engage in bullying. I dread to think what this country and this world will look like in another 20 years.

    God bless that poor girl, and thank you, Lord, for having that guy experience some consequences for his vicious cruelty.

  65. Bea says:

    GREAT NEWS: about the firing of Adam Smith.
    Some years back the bishop wanted to get input on how to make “gays” feel welcome. I think he mentioned a ministry for them.
    He got so much negative input that he didn’t mention it again.
    It came out in the diocesan newspaper and letters were written in the secular papers.
    People in the secular paper were saying “how about a special ministry for murderers and prostitutes etc”
    Thank goodness Arizonans wouldn’t put up with this and saw through the direction he aimed to take us.
    I hope I can get to that chick-fil-A in Tucson and give that girl a big tip.

  66. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    Is it really good news that this man got fired? Yes, he behaved abominably, but should he be persecuted, either?

  67. jflare says:

    “Is it really good news that this man got fired? Yes, he behaved abominably, but should he be persecuted, either?”

    I think perhaps you might misunderstand our intentions. Nobody wishes to see a person lose their job for no reason. However, Mr. Smith hasn’t lost his job as an innocent victim; he lost his job because of his free will choice to abuse his own freedom of speech by means of harassing a young lady who WAS an innocent victim; of HIS diatribe.

    We’re pleased to see this outcome because it suggests that at least one company–besides Chick-fil-A obviously–recognizes the difference between dignity and being despicable. We’re glad to see corporate America hold someone accountable for their actions. We’ve seen all too little of this these past many years.

  68. bookworm says:

    “should he be persecuted, either?”

    No, he shouldn’t be persecuted for what he BELIEVES about gay marriage or about Chick Fil A’s alleged “intolerance”. However, that’s not what he was fired for; he was fired for ACTING like a complete jerk to an innocent person (the server), posting video of the deed online and bragging about it. No one accused Chick Fil A of actually DOING anything to harm gay people (like refusing to hire or serve them) other than indirectly (the owner’s charitable donations to pro-marriage causes). All the negative action and publicity has been based purely on the owner’s beliefs and opinions, and that is “persecution,” not justice.

  69. Skeinster says:

    Actions, in this instant information age, can have instant consequences. He did what he did on his own initiative and made it public. We can’t be sure of his motives and can only conjecture from what he said in the video. But his boss must think there is enough evidence that they don’t want someone who is either a) that rude or b) that stupid working for them.
    I don’t think we’re rejoicing that he lost his job so much, as that he might learn the above lesson.
    Perhaps someday, everyone potentially being on camera at any time in public will make a more polite world. But I doubt it.

  70. Sissy says:

    I don’t feel any pleasure about this man losing his job; it’s a heavy price to pay. But this man held a position of very high responsibility in his company. He was fired for having such poor judgment as to engage in this sort of juvenile behavior and then publicize it. Furthermore, he persecuted the innocent young woman involved. Without her permission, he subjected her to public exposure she did not seek. The progressives tells us that the Cathy family and all of their franchisees deserve to suffer the consequence of losing their livelihoods because of their thoughts and beliefs. This man felt that way, too, and became a part of a vigilante posse to punish them for what he called their “horrible, horrible” beliefs. He has now been forced to endure the judgment he tried to inflict on others. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I feel sad for him and his family, and I hope this incident leads him to some genuine introspection. Maybe the Lord in His great justice and mercy is trying to open this man’s eyes.

  71. Sissy says:

    By the way, if I were a betting woman, I would wager that this behavior on the part of Mr. Smith was not a “one off”. Any adult who would comport himself in such a manner and then post it on youtube (a form of bragging) probably acts this way all the time. I’m guessing this piece of film gives us an insight into his personality that comes as no surprise to his co-workers and students. Vante was probably glad to have a good excuse to let him go.

  72. Art says:

    @(X)MCCLXIII :

    When you get to a position with a ‘C’ in front (e.g. CEO, CIO, CFO) you represent the company you are part of 24/7. Anything you do is a reflection on the organization similar to how priests, bishops and religious are seen in the church. What happened to him should be seen as disciplinary rather than persecution.

  73. CarpeNoctem says:

    “If you but give a cup of cold water to one of these least ones, I promise you, you will not loose your reward.” Matt 10: 42

    I love how this guy and those like him, trying to shake CFA down for $0.02 of water permit this young lady, with incredible dignity and class, to fulfill the Christian ideals the restraunt’s founders espouse and even gain divine merit of eternal reward for her actions. Those who have ears ought to hear…

  74. Sissy says:

    CarpeNoctem: that was one thing about the young lady that really struck me: she was so genuinely pleased to serve that guy his cup of water, even though he made it clear he had ordered only water in an attempt to rip off her company. Her gracious hospitality was a beautiful contrast to his surly manner. It was a perfect portrait of Christian charity in the face of persecution.

  75. Joanne says:

    Of course this guy brought all this disgust on himself, but he’s paid a really heavy price for his stupid behavior. I hope that Christians, particularly Catholics, simply pray for Adam Smith at this point, not continue to restate what a (insert insults here) he is. imo it’s time now to be the bigger people. And I’d be proud of that girl if she were my daughter, that’s for sure.

    Quite honestly, I think the kiss-in is going to be an epic fail.

    How should priests respond to being verbally attacked while being videotaped? I think it’s most effective to remain silent. What purpose does engagement serve? Why give the person the respect of a response? Why change one’s own behavior due to a person who is assaultive and disruptive? If it happens in church, hopefully there would be ushers/male parishioners around to escort the protester(s) out. Maybe we’ll have to start hiring security guards for our parishes. Our culture is so twisted, that could be next.

  76. NoraLee9 says:

    When I was principal of a moderately sized NYC HS (1,000 students), I wanted all the freshman to go through a “finishing school” program. They would have learned table manners, posture, and civility, among other things. We sat down and did the math on this thing and absolutely couldn’t afford it.
    In retrospect, I should have just punted one of my Assistant Principals and gone for it. I would have gotten more bang for the buck.
    The point here is that we need to find a way, to bring back what I call “The Civil Society.” What I wouldn’t give to go through a day without witnessing Road Rage, or women dressed extremely inappropriately, or a shoving match between two people in line. How about the barefoot guy I saw caught stealing from a street vendor by St. Agnes on Tuesday? I won’t even address the adventure one embarks upon eating lunch in this town. Just keep your eyes fixed on your own table…. I think if we started with the little things, maybe the big things, like picking on a little girl trying to work her way through school, would become obvious, no?

  77. Sissy says:

    Good comment NoraLee9. Even though social media has it’s negative aspects, it also seems to be serving a good purpose of reintroducing the concept of shame. What happened to the young thugs who videotaped themselves bullying a school bus monitor also happened to the young man yesterday. The community saw what they did and reacted with righteous indignation. The public reaction to this sort of incivility serves a useful purpose, I think (although, it can go too far and get out of hand; that isn’t a good thing, either). It’s possible the swift retribution the above mentioned miscreants received will serve as a message to others that this sort of behavior just isn’t going to be tolerated anymore.

  78. scarda says:

    The place where Mr Smith probably has done the most harm is as a University of Arizona business professor, where he could regularly and freely bully any students with whom he disagreed. No wonder students simply parrot the ideology of the professors who hold their grades (and futures) hostage. It would be unjust for the university to dismiss him alone when so many other professors behave similarly.

  79. Sissy says:

    scard: I’ll be surprised if Arizona declines to renew his contract ( he’s only an adjunct lecturer). They’ve taken down his person information on their website, but I’m guessing they are having a little party for him in the faculty lounge.

  80. dep says:

    Actually, Fox News reports his boss at a medical supply firm fired him today. He was the chief financial officer of the firm or some such, too.

  81. acardnal says:

    dep, according to his former employer’s own news release, he was no longer employed at Vante as of yesterday, August 2. It does not say whether he resigned or was fired.

  82. Sissy says:

    dep: Mr. Smith was also employed as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Arizona, Tucson. I don’t think there is any word yet on his status there.

  83. acardnal says:

    I am unaware of his current employment status at the Univ. of Arizona.

  84. Ana says:

    UoA is distancing its self from this fella. Yesterday, a statement was released stating the dates of his employment which ended May 2012 and said they supported an environment that encourages free exchange of differing ideas.

  85. LisaP. says:

    Sissy, I thought also that the company probably looked upon this as a good opportunity to get rid of someone they wanted to fire long ago. It’s awkward to say, but he seems fairly socially dysfunctional and I suspect he is difficult to work with or for.

    Joane, I had a bit of a gut reaction, too, realizing that he had lost a pretty seemingly big wig job over this. But, honestly, when you think about it, why is it “worse” for someone to lose a lucrative job over an improper public act than it is to lose a, say, pizza delivery job over such an act? It’s easy to think that the guy who gets a million dollar house with no equity foreclosed on is losing more than the guy who gets a hundred thousand dollar house with no equity foreclosed on, isn’t it?

    Someone else will get the chance to be the CFO of that company now. This guy got his break, he blew it. Hopefully he’ll get another one and he won’t blow that one. I’m not rejoicing that he lost his job, but I don’t find it unfair (although I do find it surprising). What would have happened if that young lady had reacted poorly, like he wanted her to — yelled at him, broken down in tears, joined him in solidarity — and he had posted the video of her — would she not have lost her job? Why is her job less important than his?

    But the most important thing is, Chik-fil-a gives free ice water even without a purchase!? I *love* this place!

  86. NickD says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned, but at the CMR I read that he had his jobs with Vante and U of A terminated

  87. StJude says:

    Father Z.. you might get a small chuckle out of this. In an interview with the blaze.. Adam Smith said he was spurred on by a you tube video he saw about asking for free water…..

    Why was the guy so happy about ‘free water’… because some other lefty made a video encouraging people to get free water from Chick Fil A.. (viewed by over 600k) if denied free water they were to cite.. Proverbs 25:21

    If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;
    if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.

    Lefties of course.. stopped reading after that…. when the next verse says….

    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head,
    and the Lord will reward you.

  88. Joanne says:

    “why is it “worse” for someone to lose a lucrative job over an improper public act than it is to lose a, say, pizza delivery job over such an act?”

    Hi, Lisa:

    I’m not sure what you mean. I never said it was “worse” for a person to lose a lucrative job than it was to lose a low-paying job. imo as soon as Adam Smith took the video down, everyone else, particularly those who profess to be Christian, should have done likewise. I don’t know, I just don’t think God is going to high-five us based on how many people we continued to kick while they were down, even if the person in question brought about his own downfall. It just shows a real smallness to me to leave this video up on blogs, etc. And Adam Smith has taped an apology. If people aren’t going to be big enough to take down his original video, then they should at least have the integrity to post his apology too, if they are aware of its existence.

  89. LisaP. says:

    Sorry, Joan, hadn’t been back here.
    I may have been projecting my own first impressions on you when you said he paid a pretty big price for what he’d done, I kind of read that as the big price being the big job. That was my first gasp, personally, that he lost a job that might have been a six figure one, and that’s a huge loss.
    Interesting that he posted an apology.
    Honestly, I wasn’t shocked by the original video, having worked in customer service (like most people) I found his rudeness relatively mild, although his superficiality was fairly exceptional. But in reviewing it, it’s a bad thing that I’ve become so desensitized to this kind of behavior. If I had been the young woman, I’m sure I would never have wanted him fired for this (and I would bet from the way she acted that she didn’t want him fired for it). But if I were his boss? Maybe firing him would have been the right thing.
    All I know is that if he’s apologized (assuming it’s a real apology, and not an “I’m sorry you were so thin-skinned as to be offended” or that sort of thing) instead of doubling down like most folks who do these kinds of things do when they are called on it, I’m impressed, and I’m not worried about him. He’ll be all right.

  90. acardnal says:

    What is the link to his apology?

    Does he say “I am sorry if I offended people” or “I am sorry for what I did”?

  91. LisaP. says:

    I don’t have a link, but you can google it.
    When I saw read the story and scanned the video, I’m afraid it just drove me further against him. He does say he is sorry, but the qualifiers are enormous — basically, he’s sorry he let his extreme love of righteousness and his horror at injustice (because he’s such a fabulous person he simply can’t help caring so much) manifest itself in a way that is below him (because he’s such a fabulous person, he should not have acted this way). He also makes clear that his company is to blame for him not apologizing right away, and the young lady is to blame for him not apologizing right away (although he doesn’t blame her, he understands) because she wouldn’t talk to him when he came in the restaurant right after the event (can you say stalker?), and that the company got so much awful threatening communication (read “I might have been carried away in my passion for a righteous cause, but it was small potatoes compared to the horrible things those nuts on the other side say every day”). It was that sort of thing.

    The apology took over 7 minutes. “I’m sorry” doesn’t take that long. “I’m sorry, but. . . . .” takes that long. I’m the queen of “I’m sorry, but you. . . . . . . ” — ask my kids. Sometimes it’s worse than no apology at all.

  92. trleith says:

    The original video evidently violates YouTube’s terms of service but you can watch it at the Huffington Post. See? Distributists are right — you should own your own servers.

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