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“But once you get that first star on, things change.” … “But once you get that miter one, things change.”

I wonder if any of this is transferable to another sphere. But once you get that first star on, things change. Advancement becomes about subjective politics not empirical outcomes. When your next job and your next promotion depends on a … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! 9 Sept is International Buy A Priest A Beer Day! #IBAPABD

UPDATE: THANKS! DR, TS, KA, AR, MM NB: Scroll down for the Latin and English texts for the Blessing of Beer. You don’t want to miss this.  It’s too important.  And this has been a really tough year for priests, … Read More


PARIS: Traditionis custodes … good news and bad news

The Archbishop of Paris, Most Rev. Michel Aupetit, issued a letter to priests of that venerable see about Traditionis custodes. Good news and bad news. The good news is that the TLM will continue at Ste Odile (17e), Ste Jeanne de … Read More

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Rome Shot 270

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Heaven! HVMANI GENERIS SATOR ET QVI PARCERE LAPSIS INSTITVIS MACVLAS VETERIS RUBIGINIS AVFER ARGENTO THALAMVS TIBI SIT QVO VIRGO REFVLGENS. Don’t forget prayers to St. Anne for the overturning of Traditionis custodes by divine … Read More

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