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ACTION ITEM! Prayers for Fr. John Hunwicke, scriptor admirabilis

I received a note from a family member of Fr. John Hunwicke who posts on his splendid site Mutual Enrichment. “Father Hunwicke has been told that his suspicious heart requires a “procedure”, which is due to happen this Wednesday. He would … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Help 13 and 11 year olds raise money for a pregnancy center. – UPDATE

UPDATE: From Xavier and Ronan. We would like to thank you and your readers again for your support for The Pregnancy Care Center. We raised $12,197 with 102 donations, and we broke the record again for most money raised! This … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Novena for the preservation of Summorum Pontificum. Save The Liturgy – Save The World

Today I saw at the French site Notre-Dame de Chrétienté a proposal for a Novena to St. Joseph to maintain the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. If there is a threat to Summorum, this is a good thing to do. If there … Read More

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ASK FATHER: A one-page info sheet to help get the TLM started in a parish. ACTION ITEM!

From a reader… QUAERITUR: We’ve communicated a few times in the past concerning efforts to get the TLM going our parish. Thanks for your advice and input along the way. We are making progress. Can you suggest a simple one-pager … Read More

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WISCONSIN: Churches specifically targeted with restrictions as other buildings open. ACTION ITEM!

This. Where I am, after the county said that churches could open up to 25% capacity, like many businesses such as gyms and movie theaters, they then reversed their rule and will now force churches to have only 50 people, … Read More

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MAIL FROM A PRIEST: “We have more time to do PRIESTLY things!” ACTION ITEM!

I want to pass along to my brother priests and bishops this great email.  Dear readers, would you consider printing it out and giving it to your local priests or sending them an email with a link to this post? … Read More

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ACTION ITEM: Help for a traditional Catholic seminarian continues! – UPDATED… for EASTER!

UPDATE 23 April: Check down at the bottom for more recent updates! Also, this seminarian posted a video about wartime Vatican City, 1941, narrated by Fulton Sheen. At this time, there are only 3 views.  That will increase.  And, when you’ve … Read More

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URGENT PRAYER ALERT! The Four Cardinals of the Five Dubia ask an AUDIENCE

From Edward Pentin at the faithful National Catholic Register (not to be confused with faithless Fishwrap): Full Text of Dubia Cardinals’ [The Four Cardinals who submitted the Five Dubia] Letter Asking Pope for an Audience The April 25 missive was hand-delivered to … Read More

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23 June – St. Æthelthryth – Etheldreda – Audrey (and ACTION ITEM!)

ACTION ITEM BELOW! Today is the feast of St. Etheldreda, a 7th c. Angl0-Saxon. In some accounts she is portrayed as a “warrior queen”. I don’t think she’d like modern day feminists one little bit. A long-time reader and commentatrix … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! “Officer Down!”

I am reposting this after learning of the death of a woman officer in Omaha who was scheduled to take maternity leave.  HERE  She was killed in a shootout with a fugitive.  She recently gave birth to a daughter, and was stepmother … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Online Support for Card. Burke! – UPDATE

I have been watching the online petition in support of Card. Burke as a “Thank you!” for his service. It’s time to really fire this up.  This is an ACTION ITEM! HERE As of now there are 20018 signers.  Let’s … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! All Souls’ Day Indulgences.

From the Handbook of Indulgences Visiting a Church or an Oratory on All Souls Day A plenary (“full”) indulgence, which is applicable only to the souls in Purgatory is granted to the Christian faithful who devoutly visit a church or … Read More

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Madison State Journal: Bp. Morlino “cracks down” on loony nuns (ACTION ITEM!) – UPDATED

The State Journal of Madison has a breathy article about a recent move by His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino. Bishop Robert Morlino cracks down on Madison nuns for espousing ‘New Ageism’ and ‘indifferentism’ Morlino sent a memo to … Read More

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