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BOOK ALERT: Collected essays and reviews by the late, brilliant Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ

Last September 2020, my friend Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, died, far too young. Fr. Mankowski was everything that several highly visible Jesuits are not: Catholic, deeply faithful and amazingly intelligent.  He was a Biblical scholar who taught in Rome for … Read More

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UPDATE – Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ – R.I.P.

UPDATE 3 Sept 202 15:12 CDT I checked the page of the Midwest Province of the Jesuits.   Fr. Mankowski did pass away. HERE The family says that he died at 1PM CDT.  In other words, just minutes after I finished … Read More

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A REVIEW of Jesuit James Martin’s doctrine-eroding bad book

In First Things, my friend and faithful biblicist Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, has reviewed fellow Jesuit but homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin’s book advocating an abandonment of Church teaching.  Martin’s book is ostensibly about “building a bridge” between the Church and homosexuals. … Read More

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