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Daily Rome Shot 284

Click for larger. Today, by the way, is his birthday, in 63 BC. For more, see HERE.

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Cri de Coeur: “What next?” After which, Fr. Z rants.

From a reader in reaction to the dialogue between Francis and Jesuits in Bratislava.  HERE I had closed the combox on that post.  My correspondent, a long-time… loooongitime reader and very knowledgeable about the state of the Church in these … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 283

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BOOK ALERT: The Sabbatical by Michael D. O’Brien

I have just received a Kindle edition of the mystical Catholic writer Michael D. O’Brien’s new novel, The Sabbatical.  US HERE – UK HERE This is a sequel to The Father’s Tale. I am excited to get to this soon. The … Read More

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Archd. of Guadalajara – the ‘Traditionis custodes’ spiritual segregation continues

Perhaps this new will give rise to a new wave of spiritual Cristeros, namely, Custodes Traditionis.   Please, everyone, I implore you to consider doing this, joining this informal confraternity. With this news, let us now invoke also Bl, Miguel Pro … Read More

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Look at what is happening in the Church and in these USA. A visual image.

I’ve been on the phone talking and texting for a good portion of the day.  A lot of people I know are feeling a bit grim right now, but they know that this world is passing. Tonight I was sent … Read More

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Francis’ dialogue with Jesuits in Bratislava about the Vetus Ordo, homosexuality, people who “wanted him dead”, a global Catholic TV channel doing the “work of the devil”

From La Civiltà Cattolica, which is run by Jesuit Fr. Antonio “2+2=5” Spadaro, a transcript of a meeting between Francis and Jesuits in Bratislava.   HERE I think it’s best for me simply to send you over to LCC to read … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 282

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Vatican City State now demands COVID-1984 “Green Pass” or you can’t enter. Meanwhile, in Canada….

Vatican News says that beginning 1 October, anyone wishing to enter Vatican City State will have to have a Green Pass… to help stop the spread of COVID… because SCV has been a hot spot, having had only one case in … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 281


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Your Sunday Sermon Notes: 17th Sunday after Pentecost (25th Ordinary – N.O.)

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday (obligation or none), either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was. Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to … Read More


Daily Rome Shot 280

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ASK FATHER: Purchased a former Masonic Temple…. now what?

From a reader… A former parishioner of mine asked me to come and bless/pray/cleanse the Masonic Temple he just purchased at auction.  I said I’d research and prepare and get back to him with a date to do so. I’ve … Read More

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Fishwrap posts about a profound spiritual experience, probably demonic, but profound

Decades ago the National Catholic Reporter (these days more the National Schismatic Reporter aka Fishwrap) was commanded by the bishop where they are established to stop using the word “Catholic” in their title.  The bishop was met with defiance.  Fishwrap has been one of … Read More

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More hijinx in Saint Peter’s Basilica

Once upon a time, anyone who dared to use the papal altar in one of the major Roman basilicas without a rescript incurred an excommunication, including cardinals.   Old photos show the rescript posted on a column of the baldachin during … Read More

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Rome Shot 279

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17 September 1621 – St. Robert Bellarmine – Doctor and Pot Scrubber of the Church – 400th anniversary of his death

Today, 17 September, is the anniversary of the death of St. Robert Bellarmine, “hammer of heretics”.  In the traditional calendar he is celebrated on 13 May. Today is the 400th anniversary of his death. This mighty Doctor was a true … Read More

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Benedict XVI breaks silence: intro to new volume in an anthology series – includes thoughts on “same-sex unions”

I recall a time when I was genuinely eager for the rumored release of papal documents.  They would come out and I would read them carefully looking for the good stuff. These days I don’t have that zeal and I … Read More

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Can Ecumenical Councils ever be failures?

There is an instructive post at NLM by Gregory DiPippo about Ecumencial Councils that failed but were, nonetheless, legitimate Ecumentical Councils. Councils are called because there is a problem, not just for the heck of it.  Or so it ought to be.  … Read More

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Rome Shot 278

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