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ASK FATHER: Purchased a former Masonic Temple…. now what?

From a reader… A former parishioner of mine asked me to come and bless/pray/cleanse the Masonic Temple he just purchased at auction.  I said I’d research and prepare and get back to him with a date to do so. I’ve … Read More

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Fishwrap posts about a profound spiritual experience, probably demonic, but profound

Decades ago the National Catholic Reporter (these days more the National Schismatic Reporter aka Fishwrap) was commanded by the bishop where they are established to stop using the word “Catholic” in their title.  The bishop was met with defiance.  Fishwrap has been one of … Read More

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More hijinx in Saint Peter’s Basilica

Once upon a time, anyone who dared to use the papal altar in one of the major Roman basilicas without a rescript incurred an excommunication, including cardinals.   Old photos show the rescript posted on a column of the baldachin during … Read More

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Rome Shot 279

Photo by The Great Roman™ 10% off with code FATHERZ10

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