Some photos of Card. Castrillon Hoyos’ Mass at Westminster Cathedral

His Hermeneuticalness in action.

Here is one of my favorites.

Cappas…. we need more cappas.

More cappas, less prattle.

See more photos here.

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  1. RichR says:

    Oh, my word! That’s a LOT of people assisting at Mass. How can people see this and not re-consider having more Latin Masses? Yes, I know there is a special history of the TLM in Anglican-land. I know it is something that the English martyrs died for, and the TLM, unlike the Novus Ordo, is overtly Catholic compared to the Anglican Communion service. However,…………..LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE!! On their knees and everything!

    Gloria in excelsis Deo!

  2. Padre Steve says:

    Is the Cathedral of Westminster undergoing a renovation? It looks like scaffolding in the background.

  3. Flabellum says:

    Yes Westminster Cathedral’s roof is in a very shaky state and the repairs are urgent and costly. Wartime damage was patched up, but a thorough job now has to be done. (See the blog ‘Solomon I have Surpassed Thee’.) Any donations sent to the Cathedral Adminisrator will be gratefully received, faithfully applied, and speedily acknowledged

  4. Marcus says:

    All I can say is, “My God!” I can only image what it must have been like to be there.

    Sad to say, but Mgr. Langham is leaving the cathedral and his fascinating blog; but, glad to say, the blog will continue under the new cathedral Administrator.

    Yanks who wish to make a tax-exempt contribution to help with the repair, upkeep, and enhancement of this amazing place should contact Ms. Una Chang at:

    American Friends of Westminster Cathedral, P.O. Box 92, New York, NY 10185

    Deo Gratias!

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