Benedictine Monks at Norcia have a new video on their way of life: Quaerere Deum… To Seek God.

Since I regularly listen to Lauds sung by the Benedictine Monks at Norcia (and, I am glad to say, they may be correcting a tendency to go flat when singing psalms) I will happily from gratitude for what they do, and in reciprocity for what they give daily to me, advertise their new video about their way of life: Quaerere Deum… To Seek God.

From their Blog:

Eight years ago, our close friends, Tom Kolenberg and Eric Griffin, produced our first short video which gave a glimpse into our life. The video was an immediate success. But within a short time, we realized that a new video would be necessary which could illustrate the tremendous growth of the community and in a longer format, depict more aspects of our daily life.

Inspired by the full length documentary of Carthusian life, “Into Great Silence” we sought to produce a medium length film of high quality which would expose those far away from us to the inner workings of our life. Thus the idea of “Quaerere Deum” was born. The title comes from the first task of all monks, To Seek God, as described by the Rule of St Benedict

We especially want to thank Peter Hayden, brother of our Br. Evagrius, who gave of his time and talent to produce this wonderful film. May God continue to bless him and the work he does, as well as all of our friends who watch this video. Without further ado, we present to you “Quaerere Deum”.


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