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QUAERITUR: An iPad in place of a Missal (the book itself) for Mass

Please use the sharing buttons!From a reader: Dear Father Z., accorging to you, would it be possible for a priest to use an electronic form of the Missal? Like, for example, we were on a pilgrimage to Israel recently (with … Read More

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Pres. Obama says he’ll have “more flexibility” to do what he wants after November

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! On Monday m Pres. Obama said to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Monday that he, Obama, would have “more flexibility” because this is his last election. Pres. Obama was talking about missile stuff.  But the question is immediately raised: … Read More

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Feedback from a reader about confession

From a reader: Hello Father! Thank you for your constant reminders about confession…I had been in a state of mortal sin for 3 weeks and every Reconciliation time somehow never happened…not being able to receive the Eucharist was a source … Read More

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SSPX preparing for a positive response to the Holy See’s last letter

Please use the sharing buttons!According to pius.info the German FSSPX district website, the “Kanzelverkündiging” below was read in all churches and chapels of the district. To one observer who wrote to me, “it looks like the are preparing the FSSPX-faithfull … Read More

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Some comments on the “Three Days of Darkness” in L.A. 2012 (and 2011)

Oddly, I wasn’t invited to speak at the Three Days of Darkness in L.A., which transpired (I guess) over the weekend. I am talking, of course, about the annual religious education circus … confab … conference. With a new Archbishop in place, you … Read More

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Of heavenly conjunctions, the turning of the spheres, and astrological divination

Last night and the night before I went out into the crisp darkness to gaze for a while at a celestial conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and a sliver of a Crescent moon, all gathered directly under the Pleiades. This spiffing … Read More

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NYC: 26 March – Extraordinary Form Pontifical Mass for Life and Confirmations

If you are in the NYC area, you might mark your calendar for 26 March. There will be a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Holy Innocents Church in Manhattan (on 37th between Broadway and 7th). The Knights of … Read More

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What is your good news?

If you have some good news, share it with the readers.


Lady Day

Because yesterday was a Sunday of Lent, indeed 1st Passion Sunday, the Feast of the Incarnation, the moment of the Annunciation is observed today.  Therefore, in the Ordinary form, today is one of only two days of the year when … Read More

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