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To all the arm-chair observers of the “Lesbian/Communion Denial” flap who, after having heard about Canon Law a few times think they have some pretty good ideas about it, you should go soon to read THIS.* In the meantime, after … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Seminary monitors seminarians’ email, surfing. Wherein Fr. Z administers tough love.

In the USA huge strides have been taken back toward sanity in the Catholic Church’s seminaries. The “biological solution” is having its way with the liberals and modernists who have dominated chanceries and seminaries for decades. Though some hang on … Read More

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ANNUNTIO VOBIS GAUDIUM MAGNUM! Habemus rivulum! (New iTunes feed available)

I am very grateful to readers who whinged at me about the problem with my iTunes feed for my podcasts.  This lead me to gripe to you about it.  This lead to my posting a question.  This lead to comments … Read More

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One of the coolest measurements of all: Zettameters!

Learn something new everyday, is what I always say. Today I learned that there is a zettameter, which is a sextillion 1021 meters and there is a yottameter, which is a septillion 1024 meters. There is also, for really small … Read More

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Bishop confirms 19 people at SSPX chapel. Can you say “Win Win Scenario”?

Our friends at Rorate have publicized that a French bishop, Most. Rev. Jean Bonfils, Emeritus of Nice went to an SSPX chapel in Ajaccio, Corsica and administered the sacrament of Confirmation to 19 people. It seems that the local SSPX … Read More

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