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Prayers for a priest: Fr. Trigilio

I had a note from someone suggesting that there is a report that Fr. John Trigilio may be been in some kind of traffic accident.  (Vague, I know, but that is what I am working with.) Many of you will … Read More

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Muggy ideas (Save The Liturgy.. you know the rest…)

By coincidence, three people wrote to me today about “Save the Liturgy – Save the World” swag.  I was prompted to look at the old design and to create a better, more useful file. Along the line I made a … Read More

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“If it wasn’t for health care…”

The nice UPS gal swooped in with a review DVD from First Run Films about the late Archbishop Oscar Romero.  I’ll probably watch it tonight. In our brief chat, I mentioned how impressed I was that UPS and FedEx can move … Read More

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Brick by brick: Most seminarians would prefer the older, traditional rite

As you know, the plural of “anecdote” is “data”.  And I have good “data” about the preferences of seminarians when it comes to the older or newer forms of the Roman Rite. Bishops and others in formation of seminarians should … Read More

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“Cave-in Catholics”

Carl Olson at Catholic World Report has a good piece to which I direct your attention: The CWR Blog The Emptiness and Deceit of Cave-in “Catholicism” March 21, 2012 06:20 EST By Carl E. Olson “The Bishops speak for the Catholic … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Held-held devices in church or during Adoration of the Bl. Sacrament

From a reader: With technology: iPads, iPods, iphones, Kindles, etc. I have noticed people listening to, I presume, music in the adoration chapel. Being humans, this sensual stimulation can bring us into deeper prayer.. is this appropriate to do during … Read More

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“Diocletian Hussein Obama”.

In another entry about Bp. Morlino’s sermon, a comparison is made between Cyrus and [insert powerful secularizing political figure here, e.g., Pres. Obama] with the point that no figure (e.g., Pres. Obama) can possibly win in the end when it … Read More

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Bp. Morlino provides some reminders about why we “Rejoice”, in this 4th week of Lent.

Life got ya down?  Irritated and depressed by the kulturkampf raging and the attacks of the Obama Administration on the freedom of all Americans? Laetare, Ierusalem! I have written before about His Excellency Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of … Read More

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Of SNAP, the Catholic League, Card. Dolan and fair treatment

I noticed on the blog of His Eminence Timothy Card. Dolan, who in his capacity as President of the USCCB has been called on to defend the rights of the Church in the midst of a deepening kulturkampf, a comment … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Death and Swallow on the Roof Edition. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

I saw a swallow today, but they move pretty fast and wasn’t able to get a photo.  I’ll try again later. The sighting of a swallow at the turn of the time from winter to spring is particularly auspicious. (Get … Read More

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“Dear Taliban….”

Yes, it’s the first full day of Spring.  Birds are chirping, flowers are rising, grass is greening, trees are budding, candidates are bloviating, liberals are obfustcating, and presidents are undermining.

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CH: Muslims and Sikhs in Britain side with Catholic Church on same-sex “marriage”

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald comes this, also of interest to readers in the USA because of the accelerating same-sex cultural re-engineering agenda. Muslims and Sikhs back Church on same-sex marriage By Staff Reporter on Tuesday, 20 … Read More

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