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Ever experience a priest who doesn’t say the correct words of absolution? UPDATE

I get reams of email from people who, during confession, run into priests who don’t (or won’t) say the proper words of absolution, thus throwing them into doubts about whether or not they were validly absolved. Under another entry I … Read More

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Artist Daniel Mitsui’s VERY COOL new art, including a “Four Last Things”. (Fr. Z rants a little.)

The artist Daniel Mitsui, in his newsletter, indicates that he has new art, including a representation of the Glorious Mysteries (a nice gift to a priest after Easter) and – this really caught my eye – the Four Last Things! … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Act of Contrition in Latin. Okaaayyy.

Every once in a while I get an email asking for the Act of Contrition in Latin. I am not sure why one would want to say her Act of Contrition in Latin.  It seems to me that the Act … Read More

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