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Pro-abortion bigot group attacks Catholics in Hell’s Bible paid ad. Catholic League explains.

From the Catholic League: FRONTAL ASSAULT ON CATHOLICISM MARCH 9, 2012 BY ADMIN Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows: Never has there been a more vicious anti-Catholic advertisement in a prominent American newspaper than the one in today’s … Read More

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NIGERIA: Muslim attack on Catholic church – 4 dead, others wounded

There has been another attack in Nigeria by Muslim suicide bomber on a Catholic church. 4 DEAD. Coming to a neighborhood near you… though it will probably be a different set of activists before these other killers get around to … Read More

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Prof. Peters examines development in the case of denial of Communion to aggressive lesbian

The Canonical Defender, Prof. Ed Peters, who does not have an open combox on his fine blog In The Light of the Law, has opined about the case in the Archdiocese of Washington DC, now infamous, wherein a lesbian Buddhist … Read More

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UK: Homosexual Activist with a camera tries to intimidate priest in his pulpit

Our friends in the UK are more advanced in the kulturkampf that we are in the USA… but we are catching up fast.  Furthermore, while I think public discourse may be a bit more rough-n-tumble in England, Americans are more aggressive … Read More

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What is your good news?

I could use some good news from readers. What’s up these days? I have some good new from Kansas City, KS. Latin Mass is closer to a new home Father Justin Nolan [FSSP] and Archbishop Emeritus of Kansas City, Kansas, … Read More


“right to privacy” now results in record keeping of contraceptives and abortion pills

Mark Steyn has an especially mordant column on National Review Online about the nation’s new contracepting sweetheart ( for lack of a better word), Sandra Fluke.  This pair of paragraphs caught my attention. Steyn points to an ironic contradiction in … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Did you hear some great point in the your Sunday sermon? Share it here. I know that many of you readers in England Wales heard a letter from the Bishops.  Relate your reaction and what people said about it.


USA change those clocks! Spring forward!

Spring forward! Time to change the clocks. Don’t be late for Mass!

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A reader’s first confession. Fr. Z congratulates and then rants.

From a reader: Just a quick ‘thank you’ for your posts on Confession. Went to first confession today (I’m a RCIA gearing up for the Easter Vigil). I was terrified. As a forty-something fella with a ‘chequered past’ my list … Read More

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