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WDTPRS Monday 4th Week of Lent – Oratio super populum

The 3rd edition of the Missale Romanum restored the Lenten “Prayer over the people”.  I haven’t given them much play this Lent so far, even though this is the first year that they are used in English because of the … Read More

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Of Ordinariates, the SSPX, and the gravitational pull

Benedict XVI, the Pope of Christian Unity, has made it possible by his provision in Anglicanorum coetibus, for Anglicans to enter into Holy Church in new Ordinariates.  Their liturgical traditions are being codified and approved by the Holy See and … Read More

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Cellphones, Church, Hell and You

I have actually seen with my own eyes a priest answer his phone during Mass. What shall his fate be?  I shudder as I ponder. In the meantime, enjoy this.  Then go vote for WDTPRS. [wp_youtube]D2_c81Nnsc0[/wp_youtube]

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Pope Benedict: “Each confession … a step forward for new evangelization.” Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Every personal sin drags down the entire human race. Every sacramental reconciliation helps to build us up. We are in this together. I have incessantly hollered that no initiative of renewal (New Evangelization, etc.) will succeed if we do not … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Holy Thursday Mandatum and female feet. Wherein advice is sought and Fr. Z ranteth.

From a reader: As it is Lent, it is undoubtedly time to ask the question of women having their feet washed on Holy Thursday.  I am well aware (from reading your blog) that it is contrary to law and custom … Read More

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The stupidest question ever asked a bishop by a newsie?

If this isn’t the stupidest question I have ever heard a newsie ask a bishop, it is near the top of the lift. CNN’s Kyra Phillips asks: Phillips: So, Bishop, times are changing. Views are changing. You’re changing your tactics even. … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Gifts for a woman’s solemn profession

From a reader: We have been invited to attend the solemn profession of final vows of a young woman becoming a cloistered nun. Are there any gift giving customs involved with one’s attendance at such a ceremony? Hmmm… no idea. … Read More

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