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Of apologies and of double-standards

We know that there are two sets of rules, one set for liberals and another for conservatives. I read that Rush Limbaugh apologized for what he called the activist from Georgetown who wants taxpayers to pay for her contraceptives. I … Read More

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WDTPRS: 2nd Sunday of Lent – our new spiritual view

Here is the Collect of the 2nd Sunday of Lent, a new composition for the Novus Ordo based on a precedent in the Liber Mozarabicus Sacramentorum.: Deus, qui nobis dilectum Filium tuum audire praecepisti, verbo tuo interius nos pascere digneris, … Read More

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The future fruits of Obamacare

At Life Site I read a story about how some Chinese women fled China to the USA in order to save their babies from the One Child Policy. In the future, if Pres. Obama has his way, this won’t be … Read More

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Common ground?

Via the great Vincenzo: Remember his promises at Notre Dame?  The hopes of Card. Cottier?  The excuses of Doug Kmiec? The panting of L’Osservatore Romano? Don’t forget that Vincenzo has the Pius Clocks!

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