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New Archbishop of Montreal trashed by homosexuals, feminists. Excellent sign!

Please use the sharing buttons! When homosexuals and feminists stage a nutty over the appointment of a bishop, Rome probably picked the right guy. From Life News comes this… just a little of it so you will go there to read … Read More

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The fruits of mutilation of personal and ecclesial identity

With a tip of the biretta to Rev. Mr. Kandra at Deacon’s Bench, this comes from The Union Democrat (and ironically appropriate title). I want to preface this with a couple comments. First, Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian … Read More

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Lex Orandi Lex Credendi swag “in the wild”

A kind person who ordered some of the Lex Orandi Lex Credendi swag posted a photo over at the FB page. I really like the way the car magnet/bumper sticker turned out.

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(Re)building a new Facebook page

A while back I transferred my regular Facebook page to a … some other kind of Facebook page. Mistake. So, I am rebuilding a new Facebook page HERE. FYI UPDATE: 20 Mar 20:48 GMT: I guess its “confirmation season” already. … Read More


Your Pro-Liberty Rally Reports

All across the nation today there have been Pro-Liberty Rallies. Post a report! UPDATE 24 March: I have liked Star Parker for a long time.  She spoke at a Pr0-Freedom Rally in D.C. yesterday. [wp_youtube]T7rPymALfgM[/wp_youtube] Alas, there is a guy … Read More

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