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STUDENTS, PARENTS: Text Books, Back To School, and You


I am grateful to those of you who have been using my amazon search box and links that I post, whether in these USA or in the UK.  As a matter of fact, on the UK side of the pond, the revenue from those links is handled a little differently.  The credit my account with “gift card” amounts, which expire.  Thus, recently, I was able to send my friend Fr. Tim Finigan a couple items from his own wish list, and this on the eve of his having to leave his home and parish of some 17 years.  So, I thank you for helping me to brighten a fellow priests day.

Also, recently, I had a book drive project for seminarians of the Diocese of Madison.  HERE  During the annual gathering of the all the seminarians with Bp. Morlino (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary) I gave them a couple talks about the Extraordinary Form and, during discussion, found that some were lacking Joseph Ratzingers Spirit of the Liturgy.  I posted a request for a number of that book, through my own wish list, and BAMMO! the books were purchased for the guys within an hour.  So, I posted for a few more books and KABLAM! you did it again.  So, we were able to distribute some great books to these guys. THANKS TO YOU!

I hope you are all using the Mystic Monk Coffee link on the side bar.  You neeeeeeed coffeeeeee!  Buy coffee and help the Carmelites in Wyoming build their new digs.  They now have – I am not making this up – CHOCOLATE MINT coffee.  They also have, right now, their SUMMER BLEND.  I haven’t tried it, but I’ll bet that “It’s swell!”

Also, because I am concerned about your online security and identity theft, you might consider looking into LifeLock.  I have an affiliate program with them now.  I use it.  It is a good line of defense.  Be alert and be smart.

At last, some of you have sent items from my wish list, both the stuff list and the Kindle book list.  Thanks!  I have tried to include your initials on the sidebar along with those of people whose regular monthly donations (by subscription) and ad hoc donations come in.  It is my duty and pleasure to pray for my benefactors, which is what I consider all of you to be whether the donation is large or small, whether the item is a bigger purchase or less so.  Each and everything that arrives is a boost and encouragement and a real concrete help.  Thus, many and sincere thanks.  Also thanks to those who have, for one reason dropped out of the subscription donations and those new people who have signed up!

Lastly, I also appreciate email notes.  Here is one that came recently from a reader:

I’m an upcoming senior at Rutgers University and I would like to thank you for being my first exposure to the Extraordinary Form. I stumbled upon your blog last year while trying to find ways to be an effective CCD teacher and ever since then, my eyes have been opened! I’m an active member of my parish (lector, cantor, CCD teacher) but at the same time, I bring my friends and classmates to an EF at least once a month and they all love the reverence in it and we always learn something new and amazing each time. Basically, I just would like to thank you for being an awesome source of knowledge regarding the faith.

This is how it is done.  We each influence the sphere we have been placed in.  Thanks for passing along what you have found!

I am convinced, with Benedict XVI, that the crisis of identity in the Church is a crisis, first and foremost, of our sacred worship, our liturgy.  We have to revitalize our worship, in order to straighten out and revitalize every other aspect of our Catholic lives and also to present a coherent identity to the world.  The use of the Extraordinary Form will help us to do this.

Thank you to everyone who reads and engages.

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