ACTION ITEM! Pontifical Vestments Fund Raising – RED

Here is a shot of one the intrepid staff at Gammarelli cutting fabric for the cope.

This reminds me of the famous Moroni portrait of The Tailor which hangs in the National Gallery.    It is an interesting painting, because Moroni depicts a tradesman rather than a noble or church figure.  Moroni, by the way, was influenced by the Council of Trent and was in the city when the Council was going on.

This painting has been used by Gammarelli for a long time as a kind of logo.   Here it is on one of their bags.



Dear readers… I will have a couple fundraising campaigns coming up.  (One will be for my upcoming 25th Jubilee.)  The present campaign is for a full Pontifical Set in fiery red silk damask with gold column trim.  

Right now the dollar is strong against the euro, so we would like to get this going fast.  We want these by 1 July, the Feast of the Most Precious Blood.

I have started a GOFUNDME campaign.

Your donations will go to the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and they are tax deductible.


Link to share:

You can choose that your name does NOT appear online in the list of donors.

To get an idea of what the vestments will be like, perpend.

In 2015, I was Assistant Priest to Bishop Paprocki for a Votive Mass for the Holy Innocents celebrated for the soul of Nellie Gray.  My friends Msgr. Charles Pope and Fr. Paul Scalia were Deacon and Subdeacon.  We had vestments from Gammarelli in a similar style to what we want to have made.  However, we want the full Pontifical Set: more guys = more gear.  Also, we should get gloves for the bishop in red, along with pontifical dalmatic and tunic.  Here is a little video from that Mass:

I think our set will be even more striking.

Ours will have the “column” gold trim, as do these purple/violet vestments. For example, just out of the shipping box, the purple set…



Everyone, please help.  Many hands make light work

Holy Mass needs beautiful vestments.

A full Pontifical Set typically includes:

– Chasuble with stole, maniple, burse, veil
– Four dalmatics with 1 stole and 2 maniples. (They might squeeze extra stoles from the fabric.)
– Humeral veil
– Cope and stole
– Antependium
– Gremial
– Fabric and trim for tabernacle veil.

Having a full Pontifical Set will enable us to have Solemn Masses and even help other Traditional Mass communities. When the Diocese of Madison has had ordinations, they have borrowed our gold dalmatics.  Mutual enrichment.

Brick by brick.

BTW… we are also working to complete a set in GREEN to match THIS.  We will, during the summer, start thinking about true Rose vestments.  But that’s another story.

UPDATE 24 March:

I received photos from Gammarelli.  They are cutting the fabric for the red vestments.

The chasuble.

An action shot.

chasuble 001

chasuble 002

You can see how they have to figure out how the patterns will fit into the bolt, which has a pattern.  This requires careful planning.

chasuble 004

This gives you a sense of the red silk.  This looks like the back of the chasuble and the chalice veil.

chasuble 006

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  1. fishonthehill says:

    Beautiful vestments, store them flat…hangers will misshape them.

  2. Imrahil says:

    Beautiful vestments, I’m just wondering what color the ones in the picture below are supposed to be. Is blue (full-blue, not cerulean) a liturgical color now? They aren’t what is popularly called “violet” or “purple”, so much is clear.

    [Why would I, who have written again and again that blue is not yet an approved color, have ordered blue vestments? To help you out, I posted an additional photo. The light and angle matters, as does the color settings of your screen. I hope the new photo helps. Also, as soon as blue is approved, that very day I will start working on a Pontifical set!]

  3. Imrahil says:

    Rev’d Father, that was a rhethorical question. Excuse the fun. Of course they are obviously meant to be violet. I was just making the point that they aren’t what I, or what most people in the streets, would actually call violet. They’d say “blue”: even in the second picture, though I grant that with much good will there is a slight touch of red detectible. [Adjust your screen.]

  4. acardnal says:

    I appreciate the fact that the tailor works while wearing a suit and a shirt with French cuffs!

  5. acardnal says:

    They look red to me!

    I think Imrahil suffers from the red/blue defect. Remember that dress that was an internet sensation last year?

  6. majuscule says:

    The red fabric in the latest photos is to die for!

    I’m sorry, no pun intended. It was the first thought that came to mind once I could form words.

    [In person it is seriously vibrant.]

  7. Elizabeth D says:

    Are you having a party for your Jubilee? Can I come?

  8. KAS says:

    I donated in honor of Mother Angelica. It seemed a fitting thing to do seeing how she loved the traditions of our Church.

  9. Imrahil says:

    Re red-blue defect. I wouldn’t have thought it, but it actually was the screen… partly. I’ve been on another screen and at that the second (still not the first) image of the purple vestments look perfectly purple.

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