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NOTRE SHAME strikes again! Honors a pro-abortion ‘c’atholic.

Notre Shame, not content with giving an honor to the pro-abortion Pres. Obama, is now giving one to pro-abortion catholic VPres. Biden. Along with Nancy Pelosi, VPres. Biden is a certain candidate for can. 915. From CNS: Bishop Rhoades Slams … Read More

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One of the ways you help everyday. Thanks!

One the readers here occasionally writes to let me know when he uses my Amazon search box to make big purchases of really cool equipment for his work: science stuff.  He’s a scientist!  He recently wrote to say that he had … Read More

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BELATED: 3rd Anniversary of Election of Pope Francis

One of you readers – only one – seemed perplexed that I mentioned the 3rd anniversary of Pope Benedict announcing his resignation and the 3rd anniversary of the actual abdication of the papacy, but I didn’t write about the 3rd … Read More

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Pi Day!

One of our priest readers wrote to remind me that today is π DAY! Happy ? Day, everyone. How will you celebrate this august occasion? BTW.. it isn’t as ?-y as last year, 2015.  This year we have to round … Read More

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Card. Napier, 75, submitted his resignation

From IOL in S. Africa we learn that the Archbishop of Durban, Wilfrid Fox Card. Napier, upon turning 75 years old, as per Canon Law submitted his formal resignation to the Roman Pontiff.  HERE As you will recall, Card. Napier … Read More

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