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ASK FATHER: Where should the tabernacle be in our Minor Basilica?

Recently stories about the initiatives in the Diocese of Madison by The Extraordinary Ordinary Bishop Robert C. Morlino to get tabernacles back into the center of churches have aroused some interest where tabernacles belong.  I’ve gotten some email from people … Read More

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“What then to say of Pope Francis?”

Many people are confused by this Pope.  Some are angry.  Some are elated. Some are nearly unhinged in spittle-flecked nutties. My friend Fr. Eduard Perrone of Assumption Grotto in Detroit delivered a thoughful sermon about Pope Francis. Thus… Fr. Perrone. … Read More

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The Tablet of @BrooklynDiocese on Benedict XVI’s legacy: a glaring omission

At the website of the diocesan newspaper of the Diocese of Brooklyn there is an editorial dated 2 March about the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI.  HERE While the editorial is positive and has some good points there is a … Read More

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@BaroniusPress new website with versions of the Bible

Baronius Press makes beautifully bound Catholic books including my favorites the 1962 Daily Hand Missal (HERE) and Divine Intimacy (HERE). They also print a fine 3 volume Roman Breviary with English translations (HERE). They also have reprinted the Ronald Knox … Read More

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