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Blog down for a while… why?

UPDATE 24 March: There was another attack today. ____ There was a DNS attack on the blog today. There were 383 pages of log entries from one IP address making multiple queries per second. Just so you know… the devil … Read More


24 March: Bl. Oscar Romero, martyr

There is a piece at Vatican Radio that this Holy Thursday, 24 March, will be the “feast day” of Bl. Oscar Romero, the Salvadoran Archbishop who was murdered while celebrating Mass in 1980. It seems to be the Church’s day … Read More

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ASK FATHER: How long do I have to fulfill my Easter Duty?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: One of the precepts of the Church states we are to receive Holy Communion at Easter. I always wondered if that meant Easter Mass or during the Easter season. My 1962 Missal say Easter (period) but … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z reviews and rants on important points about VALID baptism

Because Easter is a special time for baptizing, I hereunder assemble some observations from past ASK FATHER Question Box responses about baptism and validity. INITIAL RANT:  Bishops would do well to quiz priests, and seminarians before ordination as deacons, about how to … Read More

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National Catholic Prayer Breakfast confirms a big guest speaker in addition to Card. Sarah!

This year on 17 May the 12th National Catholic Prayer Breakfast will be held in Washington DC. The keynote speaker is the great Robert Card. Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. A special guest speaker has also been … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Priest only baptizes babies by full immersion and without clothes (… on the baby)

From a reader… My daughter and son-in-law (a Lutheran, and a good man finding his way home) are taking classes in preparation for the baptism our granddaughter who will be born in April. She has been told that all baptisms are … Read More

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