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Obama: Worried more about climate change than ISIS – Admin may pursue “climate change deniers”

Of course he is. Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch comments on the essay at The Atlantic on the “Obama Doctrine” by Jeffrey Goldberg. Get this… “isis is not an existential threat to the United States,” he told me in one of … Read More

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Dogs in packs. Chillingly amusing. Amusingly chilling.

There is a primeval, visceral connection between canidae and hominid. This video is both amusing and also disturbing. Funny, no? Until the baying you hear is because the pack has picked up your scent. Just to continue this downer… if … Read More

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A story about the ’78 Conclaves that even Andrew Greeley failed to uncover!

As a follow up to what I wrote HERE about the dreadful piece attack piece on Church teaching through undermining infallibility by Hans Küng published by the even more dreadful National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) I received the following from a … Read More

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Of Robert Card. Sarah

Everything that I know and am learning about Robert Card. Sarah suggests to me that he may be a Great Man. He is at least what Italians refer to as “un signore”. First, read his exceptional book. A priest friend … Read More

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