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TENEBRAE – Where? When?

We must all work in a concerted effort to revive the singing of all of Tenebrae, whole and entire, from the older, traditional Office. Not some truncated version of ditties and so forth, as if it were Advent Lessons and … Read More

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PODCAzT 142: It’s Nazi Germany, it’s 1937, you are Catholic, and you are afraid. Mit brennender Sorge!

Fr. John Hunwicke, at his fine blog Mutual Enrichment, reminds us all that on this liturgical day, Monday of Holy Week, in 1937… … the Gestapo raided diocesan offices and presbyteries all over Germany. The previous day, Palm Sunday, when the churches … Read More

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Examination of Conscience resources from a rock-solid, reliable priest!

I am often asked for a good Examination of Conscience resource, or Examen. Some time ago my good friend Fr. Tim Finigan, His Hermeneuticalness, had posted on the website of his former parish 3 good PDFS for a small trifold … Read More

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