Help from readers: Find the banding!

Okay folks… who can find this banding (the red embroidered part) for us?


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  1. sekman says:

    Greetings Father,
    This banding is available through at LaLame in NYC.
    The Burgundy/Gold variation is what you will want, it is $21.00/yd

    [You, sir, are a steely-eyed missile man.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. VexillaRegis says:

    Sorry, but he link is broken.

  3. I was also able to find the fabric. We have to make missing burse, chalice veil and create tabernacle veils. I contacted House of Hansen, who made the chasuble. They are, as you might know, rather expensive. I asked if they would sell me a yard of fabric. They quoted me at $70/yrd. I did some searching and wrote back to say that I found it elsewhere for $47 before the discount offered.

    It pays to search around.

  4. ajurban says:

    I moved to a parish that has vestments from House of Hansen out of Chicago and one of them has this kind of banding.

  5. Hans says:

    House of Hansen is a wonderful place. They’re always helpful. I have several items (alb, dalmatics, and a stole for baptisms) from there. There are at least two other places to get vestments in the Chicago area (Watra and Wheaton), but HoH is my first choice.

  6. Hans says:

    And relative to the other two, I have found them less expensive.

  7. jbazchicago says:

    Talk to Ed Scheer at LaLame, he’s the owner, the son is utterly useless. LaLame is the importer, and manufacturer and HOuse of Hansen, and HR Guild buy from them.

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