ACTION ITEM! Be a “Custos Traditionis”! Join an association of prayer for the reversal of “Traditionis custodes”.

As the smoke clears and the initial shock of the cruelty of Traditionis custodes ebbs… but will not go away… we have to bring our legitimate aspirations to prayer and penance.

I propose…

… an informal association of prayer and penance dedicated to two petitions offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary, which are

  • the softening of hearts of those interpreting Traditionis custodes (bishops, Roman Congregation officials);
  • the overturning of, or reversal of, or major amendment of Traditionis custodes.

The title of the hurtful document immediately brings to mind the adage of Juvenal, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes… Who’s guarding the guards”?

The “guards” or “guardians” referenced in the title of the document, though we lack the Latin sentence, surely point in the main to diocesan bishops.  They are the custodes intended, plural of custos…. “a guard, watch, preserver, keeper, overseer, protector, defender, attendant, etc., protectress, etc., in a friendly or hostile sense”.  NB: Male or female, both.

I appeal to you, dear readers, in the prophetic words of Fulton Sheen, always on the sidebar of this blog,

“Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops.”

You are the guardians of the guards. YOU, dear readers, are the custodes custodum.

I ask you to join with others, making an informal but serious pledge to do two things for the two intentions, above.


  • recite the beautiful and powerful Memorare prayer DAILY;
  • make an act of physical or material penance for the two intentions ONCE A WEEK.

Will you be a "Custos Traditionis" and commit to a DAILY 'Memorare' and WEEKLY penance?

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To help you do this, and to stir in others interest in this project for prayer, I prepared some shirts and mugs and buttons.


The shirts all have CUSTOS TRADITIONIS on the front, and then, underneath that, “Ask me.” in English or in Latin (Interroga.)  On the back of the shirts find the text of the Memorare in several major languages, including Latin.

The Memorare in Latin

The mugs all have CUSTOS TRADITIONIS and the text of the Memorare in Latin.  There is are left-handed and right-handed versions.   I put in the accent marks on the Latin… that way you will have the text in front of your eyes when you have a cup of perhaps Mystic Monk Coffee… and you can more easily make your daily commitment.

The buttons just say CUSTOS TRADITIONIS and (Ask me.)

They say, “Ask me.” 

That means you have to be ready to explain the situation both accurately and also without rancor, which does not attract people to join a cause of prayer.

Remember: Do you not have to get this stuff to do this, but if you do get the stuff then do it.

Let’s get to it.



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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. latinmasslover says:

    I posted an edited version of this on my facebook page with a link to this blog. I hope that is okay Fr. Z.

  2. Diana says:

    I’ll be fasting regularly for this intention, in addition to offering my daily rosary and Masses. Thank you, Father! I trust that her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

  3. JustaSinner says:

    Can’t our Roman friends fill St Peter’s Square and demand a change or refuse to leave? Half million/million Traditionalists in the Square peacefully protesting and praying the Rosary would be powerful. Also a great test run if the Lavender Mafia tries even worse things…

  4. IaninEngland says:

    Good idea, JustaSinner!
    In any case, I’ve posted an edited copy to a couple of priests I know (headed “From Fr J.T. Zuhlsdorf”) and I shall join the crusade!

  5. kurtmasur says:

    Father Z, would it be possible to make custom made toilet paper with the text of Traditionies Custodes printed on each ply? It could be a commercial hit…just saying.

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  7. Cameron466 says:

    Dagnabbit Father, I clicked YES before I even saw that “Super Yes” was an option!

  8. IaninEngland says:

    @ kurtmasur
    I had to laugh! You naughty, naughty man, you ;)
    Put me down for a dozen rolls.

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  17. pedroerik says:

    Dear Father Z,

    Excellent suggestion. I will post on that on my blog, which is written in Portuguese (

    But I tried to buy a T-shirt, however it is not available to send to Brazil, where I lived.

    Is there any chance to fix that? I really love to have a t-shirt from Custos Traditionis.


  18. Arturo says:

    As silver lining to all this, at least this recent development removes all doubt as to who the real pope is, right? I would have hoped that Pope Benedict is still the pope but at least this latest development removes all ambiguity who the real pope is. Pope Francis is the pope, there is no other.

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