From “The Private Diary of Bishop F. Atticus McButterpants” – 23-09-07 – Annual priest convocation

September 7th 2023

Dear Diary,

Annual priest gathering. Up early and over to the clergy workshop. Two words in one: one I don’t really like and the other I do. It says in the Bible “he who will not work cannot shop” or words to that effect. And I like shopping. Got there early enough to chew the fat over bacon and eggs. The guys are mostly “morning people”. You can tell the ones who aren’t. I’m one of the “aren’t”. I know my kind.

A whole morning of stuff. Most of the priests and some of our deacons. This year we are featuring a guy from HQ in DC mostly on encounter, revival, mission, outreach, witness, going out. I go to the mall and the golf course and I meet people there, right? Folks are always really friendly at restaurants. I always leave a big tip, because Monsignor Hinckley constantly reminded us it reflects well on the Church. Going out to the perifries. Heck, there are places on the edge of my diocese where I haven’t been for a while. So I’d better get there sooner rather than later. I know folks miss me! Have to keep them happy.

HQ priest gave a presentation: Only 15 percent of Catholics go to Mass. It’s more in my diocese, pretty sure. Then a thing on faith sharing, carigma (sp?), small groups, encounter again. Buddy, I’m doing that. I’ve got a whole expensive office for it. We have to “equip” people, whatever that is. HQ guy did a slide show on the Eucharistic Congress next year. Mercifully it’s not all that far. In theory we could drive instead of fly. It’d be long but anything’s better than flying. HQ guy says “congress” isn’t a favorite word for a lot of people. He says the congress prep events should have potlucks. Sounds good to me. There was something about Eucharistic subcontractors? Not so much. I didn’t get that part. Solidarity fund. 25 or 30K have signed up? For a stadium event? Check my notes on the action items: ongoing formation for priests, cultural divercity, something about a new program of studies and formation for seminarians, something about the “razzio”, which sounds like the name of my favorite Italian place. Pastoreal charity which I think is something like more charity donations to pastors. Hispanic ministry. I just ordained Fr. Luis! Check that box.

HQ guy presented the topic: “What is a synod?” Thanks for asking ’cause I sure don’t know. Even after the presentation I still don’t. What the hell are they talking about, anyway? It’s a synod of bishops, right? So why are lay people in it? Even priests. Why? And they picked some real winners.

Great lunch today and then an even greater nap.

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Daily Rome Shot 795

Right now, the relic of the arm of St. Jude the Apostle is being brought on a tour of these USA. Schedule HERE

However, the church, above, is where the relic is usually kept and venerated.

Bonus shot.  A side chapel.

Meanwhile,… black is threating mate in the corner.  White to move.  What to do?


NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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Yesterday Magnus buried Nepo in Speed Chess.  MVL beat Nihal Sarin.  Today, Sam Shankland and Wesley So have played in the under bracket but I don’t know the outcome.  I’m hopefull.

In OTB today I had a long battle against probably the strongest player in the club, from Romania.  Eventually, we swapped down and he had an extra pawn.  Hence, I am garbed in the disheveled rags of the mourning dust-laden outcast.   You could cheer me up by making a donation for victuals, etc., for my upcoming Roman sojourn.

Remember the good Dominican Sisters of Summit!


WDTPRS – 16th Sunday after Pentecost: We need grace so as not to fail in the vocations God entrusts to us

NADAL_16_post_Pent-lrThis Sunday’s dense Collect survived the scissors and paste-pots of the Consilium during the 1960’s and lived on in the post-Conciliar Missale Romanum as the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time. This prayer, used for centuries, is in the Sacramentarium Hadrianum, a form of the ancient Gregorian Sacramentary.


Tua nos, quaesumus, Domine, gratia semper et praeveniat et sequatur, ac bonis operibus iugiter praestet esse intentos.


This is a lovely prayer to sing. Latin’s flexibility, made possible by the inflection of the word endings, allows for amazing possibilities of word order. Latin permits rich variations in rhythm and conceptual nuances. For example, the wide separation of tua from gratia in the first line is a good example of the figure of speech called hyperbaton: unusual word order to produce a dramatic effect. It helps the prayer’s rhythm and emphasizes tua gratia. The use of conjunctions et and ac is very effective, as we shall see below.

The juxtaposition of praeveniat with sequatur reminds me of a prayer I used to hear at my home parish, greatly missed. The Tuesday night devotions there, which featured the Novena of Our Mother of Perpetual Help by St. Alphonsus Liguori (+1787), always included:

“May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you that He may defend you, within you that He may sustain you, before you that He may lead you, behind you that He may protect you, above you that He may bless you. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Let’s drill into vocabulary.

The adjective intentus, means “to stretch out or forth, extend” as well as “to strain or stretch towards, to extend.” Think of English “tend towards”. The action packed Lewis & Short Dictionary states that intentus is also “to direct one’s thoughts or attention to.”

Looking at a word like this should convince any of you with children that they must study Latin. A firm grip on Latin will give shape to their ability to reason and provide insights into the meaning of our English words. Roughly 80 percent of the entries in an English dictionary reveal roots in Latin. Over 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots. Over 90 percent in the sciences and technology. Some 10 percent of Latin vocabulary merged into English without an intermediary language such as French. Words from Greek origin often entered English indirectly through Latin.

Give your children, and yourselves, this splendid tool.

Latin has several particles that join parts of sentences and concepts together: et, – que, atque or (ac), etiam, and quoque. These little words all basically mean “and” but they have their nuances. For example, et simply means “and” while – que (always “enclitic”, i.e., tacked onto the end of a word) joins elements that are closely enough associated that the second member completes or extends the first. Another conjunction, atque (a compound of ad and – que) often adds something more important to a less important thing. The useful Gildersleeve & Lodge Latin Grammar points out that “the second member often owes its importance to the necessity of having the complement (- que).” Ac, a shorter form of atque, does not stand before a vowel or the letter “h” and is “fainter” than atque. Ac is much like et. Briefly, etiam means “even (now), yet, still”. Etiam exaggerates and precedes the words to which it belongs while quoque is “so, also” and complements and follows the words it goes with. There are some other copulative particles or joining words, but that is enough for now.

Let’s nitpick some more.

Our Collect has two adverbs, semper and iugiter. Semper is always “always”. Iugiter, however, means “always” in the sense of “continuously.” A iugum is a “yoke”, like that which yokes animals together. Iugum (English “juger”, a Roman unit for land measuring 28,800 square feet or 240 by 120 feet), is probably so named because it was plowed by yoked oxen. Moreover, Iugum was the name of the constellation Libra, the Latin for “scale, balance”. Ancient scales had a yoke-shaped bar. Thus, libra is also the Roman the weight measure for “pound”. Ever wonder why the English abbreviation for a pound is “lbs”?

The iugum was the infamous ancient symbol of defeat. The Romans would force the vanquished to pass under a yoke to symbolize that they had been subjugated. Variously, iugum also means a connection between mountains or the beam of a weaver’s loom or even the marriage bond.

Today’s adverb iugiter means “always”, in the continuous sense, because of the concept of yoking things together, bridging them, one after another in a unending chain. We get this same word in the famous prayer written by St. Thomas Aquinas (+1274) used at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament which is the Collect for Corpus Christi:

“O God, who bequeathed to us a memorial of Thy Passion under a wondrous sacrament, grant, we implore, that we may venerate the sacred mysteries of Thy Body and Blood, in such a way as to sense within us constantly (iugiter) the fruit of Thy redemption.”


We beg, O Lord, that Your grace may always both go before us and follow after, and hence continuously grant us to be intent on good works.


our help and guide,
make your love the foundation of our lives.
May our love for you express itself
in our eagerness to do good for others

Yes… I did a double-take too.  It is a nice little prayer for use on a grade school playground.


May your grace, O Lord, we pray, at all times go before us and follow after and make us always determined to carry out good works.

Back to happier things: copulative particles!

It is important not to get overly picky about particles or exaggerate their nuances. Still, today these conjunctions could be important. That et…et is a classic “both…and” construction. But our Collect has et…et…ac…. The et…et joins praeveniat and sequatur. That pair of verbs is followed by an ac. The author was providing more than a simply change of pace. While ac is not a very strong conjunction, the variation leads to a logical climax of ideas. This is why I add “hence” to my literal version.

As you read or, better yet, listen to the prayer being sung, attend to that tua gratia (“your grace”), underscored by means of hyperbaton. First, that “tua gratia” can be an ancient form of honorific address, as used today in some countries for nobility and certain prelates: “Your Grace”. So, in speaking of the gift, we speak of God Himself. Moreover, tua gratia is the subject of all the verbs. We beg God, by His grace, always to be both before us and behind us. We pray for this in order that we may always be attentive to good works. Our good works bound up in His grace.

Also, we can’t see that word praeveniat in relation to God’s assistance and not think also of prevenient grace, or preceding grace.  St. Ambrose and then St. Augustine posited, and this was confirmed by the Second Council of Orange (529), that, before we believe, before we answer a calling, God gives us the grace which helps us to believe, helps us to answer.    Prevenient grace aids a preparation of the will to respond.  One way of putting it is that it frees up our free will.   In the case of those who have fallen out of grace through mortal sin, prevenient grace disposes us to turn back to God and to assent freely to.   In the CCC 2670 we read:

“No one can say ‘Jesus is Lord’ except by the Holy Spirit.” Every time we begin to pray to Jesus it is the Holy Spirit who draws us on the way of prayer by his prevenient grace. Since he teaches us to pray by recalling Christ, how could we not pray to the Spirit too? That is why the Church invites us to call upon the Holy Spirit every day, especially at the beginning and the end of every important action.

We rely on grace so as not to fail in the vocations God entrusts to us.

God gives all of us something to do in this life.

If we attend to our work with devotion He will give us every actual grace we need to accomplish our tasks. He knew us and our vocations from before the creation of the cosmos, and thus will help us to complete our part of His plan, so long as we cooperate. Living and acting in the state of grace and according to our vocations we come to merit, through Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice, to enjoy the happiness of the heaven for which God made us.

In our prayer we recognize that all good initiatives come from God. When we embrace them and cooperate, it is He who ultimately brings them to completion. He goes before. He follows after. Our good works have merit for heaven only because God inspires them, informs them, and brings them to a good completion. He works through us, His knowing, willing, loving servants. The good deeds are truly ours, of course, and therefore the reward for them is ours. But God freely shares with us His merits so that our works are meritorious.

Today’s Collect stresses how important our good works are for our salvation. They are manifestations of God’s grace, indeed, of God’s presence.

We pray God will lavish His graces on us. In turn, we should be generous with our good works.

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15 September: Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary – The “Our Lady of Sorrows Project”

Today, the day after the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, is the Feast of Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  There is an analogous commemoration on Friday after 1st Passion Sunday.

Some time ago, I wrote a series of reflections on the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin.  I invite you to have a look.

Our Lady of Sorrows Project

Here are links to the individual posts

1st Sorrow – The Prophecy of Simeon
2nd Sorrow – The Flight into Egypt
3rd Sorrow – The loss of the Child Jesus in Jerusalem
4th Sorrow – Mary meets Jesus on the way to Calvary
5th Sorrow – The Crucifixion of Jesus
6th Sorrow – The Piercing of the Side of Jesus, and His Deposition
7th Sorrow – The Burial of Jesus

At the famous Basilica in Rome, Santo Stefano Rotondo we find this well-known image:

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Daily Rome Shot 794

White to move and mate in 2.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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In chess news, Fabiano Caruana is the present leader by points in the FIDE Circuit which is the path to qualify to play in the Candidates Tournament (the winner going on to play against the present World Champ, Ding Liren). Each player must play in a minimum of five eligible tournaments by the end of the year. The final FIDE Circuit point score will be calculated as the sum of a player’s five highest event scores. The spot in the Candidates goes to the highest-ranked Circuit player who has not already qualified from the FIDE World Championship Match.


REMEMBER! There’s only ONE expression of the Roman Rite. You can’t have your Vetus! It’s all Novus! All the time!

UPDATE 16 Sept ’23

Over at NLM there is a pure satire gold post that might make you snort Mystic Monk Coffee out your nose. HERE

It concerns the approval by Rome of the use of animal skins and parts – replacing the traditional liturgical colors, of course – to celebrate the liturgy of creation.


The official Latin text is still being composed (it will be called Risu dignum et justum), but a special note has already been released, which recommends the black-and-white striped hide of the quagga as a profound and meaningful expression of the unity of the Paschal mystery, and therefore especially appropriate for funerals. (It is left to the local episcopal conferences to determine which extinct animals’ hides will be most profoundly significant and meaningful for use in funeral liturgies; they are, however, strictly forbidden from making any such determination without the approval of the Sacred Congregation for Rites, to be requested in writing.)


See the rest there.

I could kick myself for not coming up with this myself.  Kudos.

Originally posted Sep 14, 2023 at 17:56

From the Italian site Messa in Latino.

A bishop in the Puglia region (heel of the boot), Most. Rev. Nicola Girasoli, celebrated a Mass for the anniversary of ordination of one of the diocese’s pastors (parish priests). Girasoli had been, is, a Nuncio. Photos are available at the Fakebook page of the Cathedral of the Diocese of Ruvo di Puglia. MiL helps us out by putting them on their page.

Leopard skin.  Very tricky.  You have to have the right complexion.

The gray of his street clothes – so typical of Italian clergy – is a better contrast to the spots than that nasty cream-colored polyester alb with the fashion-fatal zipper in the front.

You can have this.

But you can’t have this!

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Clarifications clarify the clarity of the clearness clarified.

I’m torn.  I really am.

On the one hand, don’t you wish they would just stop talking?  Stop writing?

For example, the new guy to head up the Dicastery (yeah, that’s what we call it now) for the Doctrine of the Faith, you know… the one who wrote the creepy book for young people about kissing … recently took a shot at people who are apprehensive about the up-coming Synod on Synodality (“walking together about walking-together-ity”).

For example, Archbp. Fernandez said in July that it is his job to ensure that people “accept the recent Magisterium” (7 July).

“It can happen that answers are given to certain theological issues without accepting what Francis has said that is new on those issues,” Fernández said. “It’s not only inserting a phrase from Pope Francis, but allowing thought to be transfigured with his criteria. This is particularly true for moral and pastoral theology.”

The recent Magisterium.

Fernandez talked to Ed Pentin who about asked him about that “recent Magisterium” thing (11 Sept).  Fernandez responded with

In this case, we are not talking about a deposit, but about a living and active gift, which is at work in the person of the Holy Father. I do not have this charism, nor do you, nor does Cardinal Burke. Today only Pope Francis has it. Now, if you tell me that some bishops have a special gift of the Holy Spirit to judge the doctrine of the Holy Father, we will enter into a vicious circle (where anyone can claim to have the true doctrine) and that would be heresy and schism.

“the doctrine of the Holy Father”

So, there’s the “recent Magisterium” and “the doctrine of the Holy Father”.

Now we read, today (14 Sept.) that Fernandez has responded to criticisms of that “doctrine of the Holy Father” notion, saying he was simply referring to the Lord’s “special assistance” to popes to confirm the brethren in the faith.

So, the “doctrine of the Holy Father” = “the special assistance” that the Successor of Peter has “to confirm the brethren”.

“This is an important clarification,” [Fernandex] contended, “because it is precisely the recent magisterium that engages in dialogue with the current circumstances of the world and the Church, with its culture and challenges. The magisterium is not a mere ‘deposit,’ but is also a living gift that is active through Francis.

“If the magisterium is also able to enlighten us in our pilgrimage at this moment in history,” he added, “we must allow ourselves to be guided by its recent and current interventions, and there is no doubt that this is tantamount to continuing to drink from that bottomless well that is ever-present and ever-relevant Revelation.

However, when Francis appointed Fernandez he wrote in a letter that his role as Prefect was not to go after doctrinal errors but rather to encourage theological dialogue.

Quaeritur: If one disagrees with something of the living-flowing-clarifying “doctrine of the Holy Father”, what’s the Dicastery to do?   What about those who insist on sticking with the “non-recent Magisterium” rather than the “recent”?

To sum up, the role of Successor of Peter is to make things clearer, to “confirm the brethren”.

And the role of the Dicastery is, well, to make things clearer.

Channeling one’s inner Reagan, one might ask, “are things clearer now than they were ten years ago”?

Circling back to the top, I’m torn, I’ll tell you.  I really am.

On the one hand, don’t you wish they would just stop talking?  Stop writing?

On the other hand… no, please, just keep going.

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Card. Müller calls the October Synod (“walking together”): “the great hour of manipulation”

Gerhard Card. Müller gave an interview to a Spanish outlet Infovaticana.   The questions were good and the answers were HARD HITTING.

Diane Montagna did a translation and posted it on Twitter.

Here is an excerpt:

Q-There are some voices that have criticized the presence of the laity in this synodal Assembly.

Müller-The bishops participate in their office by exercising collegial responsibility for the whole Church together with the Pope. If the laity participate in it with the right to vote, then it is no longer a synod of bishops or an ecclesiastical conference [and] does not have the apostolic teaching authority of the episcopal college. To speak of a Vatican Council III can only occur to an ignorant person, because from the outset a Roman Synod of Bishops is not an ecumenical council—which the Pope could not subsequently declare without ignoring the divine right of the bishops to a Vatican Council III—that could fni ind a new Church surpassing or completing the one supposedly stagnated at Vatican Council II.
Whenever populist effects tip the balance towards such spontaneous decisions, the sacramental nature of the Church and its mission is obscured, even if subsequent attempts are made to justify it through the common priesthood of all believers, and to eliminate the substantial difference between it and the priesthood of sacramental ordination (Lumen Gentium 10).

Q-Are there more and more bishops and faithful expressing concern about what might happen during this Synod?

Müller-Yes, the false prophets (nebulous ideologues) who present themselves as progressives have announced that they will turn the Catholic Church into an aid organization for the 2030 Agenda. In their opinion, only a Church without Christ fits into a world without God. Many young people returned from Lisbon disappointed that the focus was no longer on salvation in Christ, but on a worldly doctrine of salvation. Apparently, there are even bishops who no longer believe in God as the origin and end of man and the Savior of the world, but who, in a pan-naturalistic or pantheistic way, consider the so-called Mother Earth as the beginning of existence, and climate neutrality as the goal of planet earth.


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Daily Rome Shot 793

They saw the Synod (“walking together”) list.

Welcome new registrant:

Chatty CAThy

Meanwhile, black (Vishy Anand) tries for a King walk to the other side.  Ooops.  White to move and mate in three.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

Priestly chess players, drop me a line. HERE

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Since today is Exaltation of the Cross, I remind you of the marvelous recording of the Tenebrae Responses by the Benedictine Nuns of Gower Abbey. Wow.

Tenebrae at Ephesus


Arguably, the most beautiful chants of the entire liturgical year.

The Speed Chess tournament: yesterday Wesley So defeated Alireza Firouzja in a nail biter. Wesley was way our in front after the 90 minutes of 5+1. Firouzja caught up in 60 of 3+1 and 30 of 1+1. After tie breaks they went to Armageddon and Wesley did it. 4 hours. 32 games. There was an amazing move. Entire match video HERE.

Today, Ian Nepomniachtchi v. Arjun Erigaisi.  Should be a blast. Also, in Berlin, the Armageddon Grand Finale begins today 19:00 CEST (13h EDT). HERE

BTW… today happens to be a very lean day for donations, for this 14th day of the month.  Please consider signing up?  There are various ways, such as Zelle, Venmo and Wise, but this one works well. A few more on this day would brighten things up considerably.

Some options


Fr. Antonio Spadaro, SJ, leaves La Civiltà Cattolica to become “Under-Secretary” at Dicastery for Culture and Education

La Civiltà Cattolica is a Jesuit run, Secretariat of State approved journal with semi-official status.   Spadaro has been at LCC for 25 years, 12 as director.

The “Dicastery” – that’s what Congregations are now called.  All offices of the Curia were/are in a sense “dicasteries”, but the titles are formalized now.  The Congregation for Catholic Education (and what a great job they did) was merged with the Pontifical Council for Culture (such accomplishments!) to form one Dicastery.   The Council was, however, the overseer of the Vatican Cricket Team.  Not sure how they are doing.

The new head of La Civiltà Cattolica is another Jesuit, the rector of the Gregorian University, Fr Nuno da Silva Gonçalves, SJ.

During his time at LCC, Spadaro co-authored with a protestant Miguel Figueroa one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen for which he owes virtually every American an apology: “Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism: A Surprising Ecumenism”.  In effect:  Evangelicals and Catholic are haters, that is, that their social/political alliance is really an “ecumenism of hate”.  More HERE

So, off he goes to be Under-Secretary, a position whence he will be able to report all the inner doings of the Dicastery to Francis.

There was a time when we couldn’t see anything newsy about Rome without seeing Spadaro in it.  Then he sort of faded, or was shoved, into the background.  He remerged, made a real splash, and is now off to a new job, so near and yet so far from Casa Santa Marta.

It is interesting that this appointment come so quickly after Spadaro’s blasphemous sermon/article about the Lord and the Syrophoenician woman in Matthew 15. HERE

Il Messaggero opines that this new position will still allow Spadaro to travel with the papal entourage and transcribe every precious and greatly anticipated gab session with local Jesuits along the way. The article relates many and various weird things Spadaro has gotten into in his years at LCC, a journal which historically was the conscious consummation of intellect and diplomacy.

I wonder if Spadaro will still have the time to maintain his website about Pier Antonio Tondelli.


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14 September: Exaltation of the Cross and Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Today, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, is also the anniversary of the 2007 Summorum Pontificum going into effect.  This Motu Proprio – the Emancipation Proclamation for the faithful who desire the Vetus Ordo – was a keystone in Pope Benedict XVI’s program – I think it was a meditated program – for the renewal of Catholic identity and the life of the Church.

We are our rites.

Ratzinger/Benedict knew that the artificially cobbled up and brutally imposed post-Conciliar Novus Ordo interrupted the sacred worship of the Church without which we cannot fulfill the virtue of Religion.

If the virtue of Religion is absent, disorders in the Church will result.  Change the way we pray and the way we believe and live will, over time, change.

Since the Eucharist – that is, the Sacrament Itself and its celebration which is Holy Mass – is the “source and summit” of our Catholic identity and life, change the Mass and you cause massive waves in the Church.  Do it in a discordant way and with an artificial replacement, and the results will follow suit, as we have seen for some 50 years.

The imposition of the Novus Ordo did not only interrupt the Church’s life, it interrupted the organic development of liturgical worship, the kind that is necessary and prudent for a Church still in this vale of tears.

Correctives were and are – now more than ever before – necessary.

I think the idea of Eucharistic Congresses, etc., is great and necessary.  However, there will always be something missing if the Vetus Ordo is not also celebrated.

Hence, even after its seeming suppression Summorum Pontificum was and is still of monumental importance for the life of the Church today.

This is because, from 2007 until the attempts to crush the faithful who want the Vetus Ordo began in earnest, many thousands of committed Catholics learned of this way of prayer from our forebears.  Also, the internet and entrepreneurial ventures put all the tools people needed into their hands swiftly and economically.

In the 80’s and 90’s it was near impossible to find a Missale Romanum or information about what to do.  Now… this is no longer a problem.  It’s a wholly new landscape, and not one entirely controlled by modernists.

There will be more acts of persecution wrapped in weasel words and the faux-pastoral clucking and lisping about unity.

We must get through them with charity and our jaws set against the next pastoral uppercut.   And we can see more and more the vicious determination of powerful figures to cut down in the Church the people who want the Traditional Latin Mass.

Pressing and widespread problems plague the Church right now.  Hence it is hard to square the fury they’re applying to what they call a tiny fraction of the world’s Catholics.  It proves that the Vetus Ordo is of key importance.  They must feel threatened by something of which the Mass is for them a terrifying reminder

Stay strong and resolved and cheerful even as those who should be aiding you turn on you or, in cowardice, buckle.   What we needed to do before, we need to keep doing now.  Be the first in parishes to volunteer, especially involving works of mercy.  Make sure you know well your Faith and that you are not static, but in motion forward, always reviewing and learning more.  Show your joy in being Catholic and traditional.  Be inviting to others.

Never underestimate the power of an invitation.

All this to honor and to exalt the Cross.

Thank you, Benedict XVI, for such a great gift to the Church.

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Thursday 14 September – a good menu choice – BASIL PESTO

14 September is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.  There is a strong association of this feast with the wonderful herb Basil, Ocimum basilicum, which is named from the Greek word for “king… basileos”.

May I suggest for supper tonight pasta with basil pesto?  You can make it yourself, fresh if you have lots of basil leaves of you can simply buy some.  Pasta and basil pesto with a crisp Sauvignon blanc or Sancerre.

  • A few handfuls of basil leaves, the younger the better.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Sardo, grated.  Or just a lot of Parmigiano.
  • Cloves of garlic, hopefully not the weak-ass stuff you get in these USA
  • Pine nuts.. you can, or not, toast them.
  • Olive oil

Method 1: Put them into a processor and proceed.

Method 2: Put them into a large mortar and grind them together with a pestle (“pestare” means “crush”).

The traditional way takes elbow grease and patience.

Quality of the ingredients affects the outcome, especially with something like this.

What pasta to get?  Since the pasta is a major part of the dish, it should be good quality.   Bronze cut is preferred.  For the shape, I suggest something that has little ridges that can pick up the pesto.   Have some fun and get some cavatappi!  They look like corkscrews and they have ridges.  Of course there gnocchi are always gnice.  My experience is, however, is that gnocchi are like the little girl in the Wadsworth poem:

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

Thus, gnocchi.

Whatever you do, try to have the meal with others. Pray before your meals and offer also a thanksgiving afterward, together with the “Eternal Rest” prayer for those who have died.


From “The Private Diary of Bishop F. Atticus McButterpants” – 23-09-12 – Request that relic of St. Jude’s Arm be brought to Diocese of Libville

EDITOR’s NOTE: There is a reference to an USA Today article about the Relic of the Arm of St. Jude the Apostle, which is presently being brought to parishes through the ministry of Fr. Carlos Martins of Treasures of the Church.  The USA Today article is: HERE.  +F.Atticus really did read it, it seems.

My friend Fr. Martin’s tells me of a reported miracle.

September 12, 2023

Dear Diary,

I got a letter yesterday from Fr. Simple at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish in Bent-Straight. It seems Rome has sent the “arm” of St. Jude the Apostle to America. Only God knows why.  Is it because Rome thinks America’s an “impossible cause”?  That’s what Jude’s famous for, right?   Is the Nuncio behind this?

Anyway, Simple’s asking for permission to host the ghastly thing at his parish. I rolled my eyes so much I almost choked on the martini olive I was chewing. Why would anyone have anything to do with old, nasty bones? Aren’t we supposed to bury the dead? Isn’t that one of the works of glory?  Fr. must really want this thing. He sent along a bottle of Remy Martin XO with his letter. How does he know I love the stuff?  I know he’s bribing me. Then again, being bribed is part of a bishop’s perks. It’s his job to discern which bribes God wants him to take. And that is easier said than done.

Why would Simple want to celebrate the bones of the dead?  The only bone I want to see is the one sticking out of a tomahawk steak.  Maybe a rack of ribs too.

Simple was part of the first batch of seminarians I ordained twelve years ago. Much too serious a guy.  For his first assignment, I placed him with my wonderful liturgist, Fr. Campy, to loosen him up. Campy, now there’s a happy priest. The happiest.  Lots of musical instruments at his Masses, lot of dancing, and clapping.  Makes people happy. Plen di joy as the Mexican’s say.  Campy tried his best with Simple, but admitted that no matter how hard he tried, Simple could not be reached.  I’m told he even uses Latin.

Anyway, Fr. Tommy turned on my computer this morning and showed my the article about the arm’s tour in USA Today. There’s stories about a HEALING on day one of the tour.

If I allow the relics here, some reporter will call and ask for a statement about what I hope to achieve with it. Relics ended with Vatican II thank God!  I’ll never put relics in altars anymore. Good riddance. They gross me out. Not that I’m consecrating lots of altars these days.  More like taking them out!

I was going to tell Simple no, absolutely not. Relics have no place in the Church.
But, it’s like he read my mind or something. Today, Simple sent another request along with a box of Padrón 80 years maduro cigars. A box! These suckers are like $40 a stick! I can just see Dozer’s face when I pull one out and light it in front of him. He’ll gag on his Macanudo.  I know Simple’s playing dirty. Still, I suppose I could give him this one. He did spend a small fortune on these gifts, and seeing Dozer gag on a cheap stogie is delightful.

I can just see Simple’s face light up when I say yes.  Could pay off in the future, too.   He’ll owe me one, big time.   Orrr… if I hold out, maybe he send more stuff and I could pass it along to the Nuncio….  Complicated.  Bones … so disgusting.

Will I be expected to go?  I hate to create work, but I better tell Tommy to make sure my schedule is full whatever day that is on the other side of the diocese.

Hey!  Maybe Jude will fill in?

Must ask Tommy if the bone is going to Black Duck.


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Daily Rome Shot 792

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Meanwhile, white to move. Mate in 2.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

2023 Speed Chess Championship is on. Yesterday Fabi ousted Nodirbek. He will now play Hikaru in the Quarterfinals. MLV beat Gukesh and Magnus beat Vidit. Today, Alireza Firouza v. Wesley So. Should be great. Good commentary and announcing in the videos by GMs Daniel Naroditsky and Robert Hess. Daniel “Danya” gets a little squeaky when excited and the time rushes as the games get into hyper-bullet mode are like fast-paced hockey. For my part, I played OTB yesterday and won two games. The against a strong player in the club with a weird style, very defensive. It’s like trying to corner a cat. The second against one the club’s strongest. We usually have long battles, 40-50 moves… except when we don’t. Yesterday’s was a real slug fest. If I can get the game entered into the engine today for some analysis maybe I’ll share some of it.

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I chose black and natural on a green vinyl board.  Could be some fun combos.


Now THAT’S what I call “concelebration”!


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Ed Pentin, the best working Vaticanista in Rome, has a must read post at his blog by José Antonio Ureta

Ed Pentin, the best working Vaticanista in Rome, has at his blog a piece in English by José Antonio Ureta.

José Antonio Ureta is the co-author of The Synodal Process Is a Pandora’s Box: 100 Questions & Answers. This book as lately caused a real stir among the fanatical left and the papalotrous. In 2018, he authored Pope Francis’s Paradigm Shift: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church? An Assessment of His Pontificate’s First Five Years.

The title of Pentin’s entry:

Questioning Pope Francis’ Evolving Doctrine and Morals Is Neither Ideology nor Backwardness, but Standing Firm in the Faith by José Antonio Ureta

He presents various propositions advanced by the modernists today and deconstructs them.

Very helpful.

It’ll take a little patience. Read it. This is part of your “armoring up” for the fight ahead.

As a commentatrix said the other day, “JOAN UP!”


A message from Bp. Strickland

Bp. Strickland, by all accounts, spends a good portion of time before the Blessed Sacrament every day.

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12 September – Feast of the Holy Name of Mary and anniversary of the Battle of Vienna (1683)

In the Divine Praises we pray:

Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.

A few days ago, 8 September, we celebrated the Nativity of Mary.

Today, 12 September, is the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary.

Devotion to the name of Mary was at first in Spain, by Carmelites.  It was associated with the Octave after the Nativity of Mary.  However, in 1683 Pope Bl. Innocent XI – his tomb was long in St. Peter’s upper Basilica but I think he has been moved – put the Feast on the Church’s universal calendar.  Pope St. Pius X established the Feast on 12 September.

This Feast commemorates the defeat of the Islamic invaders in the Battle of Vienna in 1683.  Vienna was surrounded by the Turks when the King of Poland, John  Sobieski, arrived.

The King served Mass in the morning and lead his smaller force against the invaders, winning a great victory.

81,000 against the Turks’ 130,000.  In the afternoon there was a famous charge by Poland’s 3000 impressive “Winged Hussars”, the largest cavalry charge in history.  Game over for the invaders.

You might not be a Winged Hussar, but your baptism and earthly breath make you, right now, a mighty spiritual warrior whose prayers receive their wings from devotion and intention.

What can not be accomplished through the sincere, focused, confidently loving invocation of the Blessed Virgin by means of the Holy Rosary, repeating her name and the Most Holy Name?

Winged Hussar’s helped to save Christendom.   Christendom, our patrimony, has been squandered.  That doesn’t mean that there are not Christendom causes in our day.  One of them – with painfully blatant urgency – is the preservation of the Traditional Roman Rite.

Will you be a shirker?  Do your part, through grace and elbow grease.  We have to do our part to receive the graces we need.

The Collect of the Feast:

Concede, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus: ut fideles tui, qui sub sanctissimae Virginis Mariae Nomine et protectione laetantur; eius pia intercessione a cunctis malis liberentur in terris, et ad gaudia aeterna pervenire mereantur in coelis.


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Daily Rome Shot 791

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Meanwhile, white to move and mate in two. Good luck.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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Rumors of a forced-resignation attack on Bp. Joseph Strickland from ROME

In about mid-August I had heard that perhaps Bp. Strickland would be ousted by Rome in the first part of July. “I’ll believe it,” quoth I quietly but pretty much believing, “when I see it.”

We heard about the visitation conducted by Bps. Kicanas and Sullivan of Camden, no doubt two of the very finest bishops available. They were looking into finances, although financially the diocese seemed to be doing well. BTW…how many dioceses have declared bankruptcy? MONETARY, not moral, of course. Tyler doesn’t seem to be one of them.

On 9 September, I had a “bad feeling” HERE. The (American) Prefect of Bishops and the Nuncio to these USA met with Francis.

Bp. Strickland has been outspoken regarding efforts to undermine the Deposit of Faith, for which he has drawn the spittle-fleck ire of the vociferous papalotrous left. We know the cliches about “women scorned”.

The Pillar and LifeSite are indicating that soon Bp. Strickland may be pressured to resign. He should not, I think, resign, and he probably won’t. I suspect that he doesn’t see himself merely as a branch manager of wannabe NGO. After that someone may make him an offer he can’t refuse… which I suspect he will refuse. Bp. Strickland, we have learned not too long ago, spends upward of a hour before the Blessed Sacrament each day. I suspect he is made of sterner stuff as a consequence.

At National Catholic Register we find today something from Ed Pentin:

Exclusive: Archbishop Fernandez Warns Against Bishops Who Think They Can Judge ‘Doctrine of the Holy Father’

Striking down Strickland would be a monumental blunder, in my opinion.  Both tactically and strategically counter-productive.

Someone asked in a comment elsewhere, “What can we do for Bp. Strickland?”

Allow me to be completely unoriginal.

  • Be sure your own house is in order so that what you do is meritorious: GO TO CONFESSION! THAT’s FIRST! (Yes, we believe in that stuff, and so does Bp. Strickland, which is partly why they want his chitlin’s).
  • Got to Church and pray for him, that he be strong and have the courage and the insight in the maze of outcomes, to do the right thing.
  • Chose a mortification in reparation for those who are out to get him. And we know who they are and WHY.
  • FATHERS! IF you have a slot open, say a Mass for Bp. Strickland.
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