Daily Rome Shot 143

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  1. roma247 says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! Saw it for the first time in 2019, as this is a church that always used to be closed back when I lived in Rome.

    This is the chapel of St. Alphonsus Liguori, in the little church of Santa Maria in Monterone, which takes its name from its location in Via Monterone. There is a little fountain outside, one of the “nasoni” for which Rome is famous, where I used to get water nearly every day.

    It used to belong to the Mercedarians, thus the main altar painting depicting their founder, St. Peter Nolasco, venerating Our Lady, and the little side alater dedicated to Our Lady of Ransom, holding the white scapular of the Mercedarians.

    However, after the French expelled the Mercedarians in the late 1700s, it was later given to the Redemptorists, who built this chapel to their founder in 1848 to celebrate his canonization.

  2. grateful says:

    Thank You.

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