PARIS: Priests arrested because of COVID-1984 guidelines

A priest friend of mine in Paris wrote to let me know that someone ratted out the priests of Saint-Eugène Sainte-Cécile because for the Easter Vigil they did not strictly follow the COVID-1984 guidelines.    Le Monde.

After that, the Archbishop of Paris started a canonical process against them.

Just now, I am told that the police have arrested the priests and they are in custody.

Pray for them and a good resolution to this.

The YouTube channel of Saint-Eugène:  HERE

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  1. The Astronomer says:

    Persecution from within and without the Church, as the Approaching Scream of the Ancient Beast grows louder. We must beseech St. Michael the Archangel to draw his sword.

    Our Lady of Fatima and Saint Padre Pio, PRAY FOR US.

  2. The spiritual father of these priests, their own archbishop, is prosecuting them in the ecclesiastical court for failing to follow ultra vires restrictions placed on Catholic worship by secular authorities?

    It’s getting harder and harder to blame the SSPX for clinging to their independence from local bishops.

  3. mercy2013 says:

    When my browser translated the Le Monde article, it quoted a lady as saying she “hallucinated” when she attended this Mass because no one was wearing masks or distancing. Wow. I am trying to have pity toward her instead of anger. I guess the French government will probably congratulate themselves for winning the largest mind manipulation game since the Revolution.

    There is only one way I see for these things to end, and that is for all or many Catholics to just quit wearing the masks at Mass. I think most of these bishops are just cowards. They are cowards to the state. IF, however, nearly all the parishioners in every Catholic parish quit wearing them on the same Sunday, these bishops would probably also be cowards. They wouldn’t defend the parishioners and clergy, but they wouldn’t turn them in either. They would just step aside and pretend there isn’t a story like they do with real scandals.

    Also, it’s time to quit live-streaming Masses. Go to the virtual catacombs.

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  5. Mel says:

    I quite agree with mercy2013. Until there is mass resistance of this silly policy, nothing will change. Let them lose their 501c. It’s all about the money.

  6. Liz says:

    Oh no! Praying.

  7. The fellow who ‘hallucinated’ (was stupefied, perhaps we might say) was the brother of one of those who were baptized: the French commentators have not been averse to writing about Judas and traitors. I imagine that the baptized fellow made a choice– Saint-Eugène is well known for its celebration of the Traditional Rite– which not everyone in his NCRep and America-reading (well, the French analogues) family agreed with, and we all know how tolerant those people are; but of course that is speculation.

    And, Deo gratias, Saint-Eugène continues to stream its celebrations of Holy Mass; I don’t quite understand why anyone should go into the catacombs before they force us to do that.

  8. (Canon Guelfucci and Fr Groziski were released from custody sometime before half past six Thursday evening.)

  9. Mea culpa, I can scarcely ever spell his name correctly: Abbé Grodziski.

  10. JustaSinner says:

    I’ve taken a page out of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ playbook, The Doomsday Clock. I call it the Martyr Clock. I have it set at 5 minutes to Midnight. I’m open to suggestions of a different time.

  11. WVC says:

    The folks who continue to baffle me (including some of the folks who make comments here) are the ones who are watching the anti-Christian, pro-abortion, pro-hedonism governments of the world close churches, erect giant fences around them, and arrest priests and still somehow think this is about “keeping people safe” from a virus with a 99.97% survivability rate. If the governments announced that, according to Dr. Menge…er, I mean Fauci, that feeding traditional Catholics to lions was absolutely necessary in order to stop the spread of double-mutant variants of COVID that are likely much more infectious although not proven to be any more deadly, I have a difficult time thinking a large portion of so-called Christians would object.

    Everyday I am reminded why the lukewarm are even more detestable than the outright enemies of Christ.

  12. Semper Gumby says:

    “A priest friend of mine in Paris wrote to let me know that someone ratted out the priests of Saint-Eugène Sainte-Cécile because for the Easter Vigil they did not strictly follow the COVID-1984 guidelines…the Archbishop of Paris started a canonical process against them.”

    April 7 at Crisis Magazine, Leila Lawler and Leila Miller, “Catholic Men, Rise Up and Fight”:

    “We’ve been writing for years about the crisis of manhood, and that crisis has come to a head within the past year, particularly in the Catholic Church. Now we write to call our men to be what God created them to be.

    “The faithful have been abused through a year of cancelled Masses, locked churches, and denial of sacraments. We have been harassed by ushers, segregated by diktat, unable to bury loved ones, and/or kicked out of Mass (sometimes with police escort) for not wearing a mask; we are encouraged to see each other as walking contagions, not as our brothers and sisters in Christ.”

    “As COVID-19 has run its course, the moral abuse from our clergy has increased.”

    “Children have been spiritually abandoned. Unreasonably robbed of sacraments, holy water, hymns, Christmas carols, celebrations, mourning the departed, seeing their neighbors’ faces, and religious education…”

    “In a word, our hierarchy ran in panic at the first hint of danger, and then added a new form of abuse, for which (with few exceptions) they have neither apologized nor repented.”

    “Our Church is fast becoming an institution devoid of men; a patriarchy devoid of patriarchs—true fathers.”

    “Men, repent of the softness that enabled women to dominate in the Church.”

    “Women, we must repent of abandoning our true femininity for a spurious place in the so-called halls of power.”

    “A priest recently said of the U.S. bishops, that, with very few exceptions, we could not find a more effeminate group of men if we tried. What is effeminacy? Fr. James Mason calls it “The Forgotten Vice.” He explains, “St. Thomas includes effeminacy under the vices opposed to perseverance. It is from the Latin mollities, which literally means ‘softness.’”

    “God gave men their masculine nature for a reason, to protect and provide, even to the point of being willing to fight. We women and society have bred it out of them (perhaps with their acquiescence), but it’s time to repent and bring it back.”

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