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  1. InFormationDiakonia says:

    Truth in mainstream journalism is, and has been for quite a while, dead. And I think the day is coming, and actually is already here, where we will see people who support law and order taking steps to reign in the anarchy. We already see armed civilians guarding businesses to prevent “protesters” from stealing their “reparations”. I fear the day is coming when that will be the norm and not the exception.

    This is symptomatic of an even greater problem. Truth is no longer relevant – your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth, speaking “truth to power”, the general coarsening of discourse in this country, and the lack of joy and love of Christ in people’s hearts has led to modernism, nihilism, and self-absorbing behavior being more important than the Truth the faith teaches.

    I fear we will all need our SHTF go bags ready when they come here in the Heartland to bring their protesting ways here. Recently renewed my carry license (and now Iowa no longer needs me to have one-hurray!) and I now carry more frequently than in the past as even here in small, big-town America we are no longer safe from the insanity.

    We need to be ready for the persecution that will come for those of us who cling to God and guns. We in the Catholic faith need to stand strong even when not supported by supposed allies in politics and even in our Church. We need to pray more for our world, our country, our cities, and especially our faithful priests.

  2. Chrisc says:

    She’s absolutely right. There is no negotiating with terrorists or their enablers. Ultimately, Minnesota nice without grace and virtue leads to burning and looting.

  3. jflare29 says:

    I regret that I am now compelled to reconsider whether I want to go anywhere near any minority-dominant part of town. At least for more than a few hours. In essence, this verdict means that law enforcement may not actually enforce law. If someone chooses to resist arrest, …police will be required to allow someone to run, for fear of prosecution. If I’m around when that happens, …I’m likely to become a target. If only to avoid suffering injury or property damage, I’ll need to REALLY keep my eyes open.
    …I also will need to keep a close eye on crime maps over the next year or so. I had been considering looking at a house in a more impoverished part of town. If police have been hamstrung, moving there may be very unwise.

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  5. Clare says:

    I’m too depressed to watch the clip. Also, I’ve paid scant attention to the trial proceedings, but FWIW, I think it would have been very hard for the defendant to get a fair trial, given that the videos went viral, and people decided a year ago that he was a homicidal monster. In addition, I kept hearing that “the police never have to pay a price for all their racist brutality,” so there was this sense that policing in general was on trial. Moreover, the president and Vice President weighed in beforehand saying they hoped the right decision would be made. I remember reading recently, that the way Communist Russia used to practice justice was to look for the desired social outcome rather than the rights of the individual. It seems to me, anyway, that’s what we have here. What social outcome did they want to achieve? Even if it’s peace and less riots, that’s putting something before the accused’s rights. Today I got emails from both our Catholic high school and University, expressing approval for the verdict and hoping this would contribute to reconciliation. Even my own daughters are on board with this. Of my children, they’re almost half BLM sympathizers. I can’t even have a conversation with some of them about it.

  6. iPadre says:

    I hope she runs for President some day!

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    Well done to Candace Owens. She makes a good point about a “pandemic of fear and ignorance.” Several generations of socialist idiocy, propaganda, “education” and street violence are taking their toll.

    A pandemic of malice, even evil, roams the land. There are domestic terrorists installed in the White House and on Capitol Hill. The felon George Floyd (who among other things invaded a home with other criminals and threatened a pregnant woman with a gun, and had a lethal dose of drugs in his system during his self-inflicted encounter with the police last May) has been made a martyr by Leftist politicians, journalists and clergy. The jury these past weeks were no doubt intimidated by numerous Leftist politicians (including Death Party Leader Biden), journalists and by mob threats. Asymmetric warfare against U.S. citizens and the constitutional Republic continues.

    The so-called “BLM” street gang’s founder Patrice Cullors is a Marxist racist and elitist thug. In classic Politburo-style she has purchased multiple million-dollar properties while many black, white, Asian and Hispanic small-business owners lose their livelihoods to arson and solid citizens such as Capt. David Dorn and Jessica Whitaker have lost their lives to the mob.

    This situation recalls a scene early in Michael D. O’Brien’s novel “Theophilos” which imagines the life of Theophilos, the addressee of the Gospel of Luke and Acts, as told from the perspective of Theophilos.

    It is 64 AD on the island of Crete. Theophilos recently received a manuscript from his adopted son Loukas, a “chronicle” about an “obscure wandering teacher.” Theophilos, concerned for Loukas, writes back to caution him that this is a “myth” and will “not overturn the world.”

    Theophilos, a semi-retired Greek doctor, soon visits his friend Gaius. Gaius was a prefect in Rome for a year or two then departed Rome to spend the remainder of his career in the provinces. At one point Theophilos cured Gaius of a plague, so when Gaius retired to a villa in Crete he and Theophilos renewed their friendship.

    The two friends relax in the atrium of Gaius’ villa, drinking wine near a small pool with sunlight flooding in through a skylight. Theophilos later writes in his journal, “Gaius’ interest in Stoicism is a patchwork affair, for he loves his luxuries.”

    The conversation soon turns to the latest news from Rome, where Nero is Emperor and a massive fire recently destroyed much of Rome. Gaius said the news reminded him of Crassus, to which Theophilos raised a quizzical eyebrow.

    Gaius’ explained, “Crassus was the wealthiest man in Rome during the final days of the Republic, the rival of Pompey, funder of Julius Caesar. Crassus became the wealthiest man in Rome when he was chief of its fire department. A very good head for purchasing inflammable real estate, that fellow.”

    I sipped my wine, glanced at the pool.

    “Fire”, Gaius went on, staring up at the bright blue rectangle visible through the skylight, “is political.”

    “An extreme idea”, I muttered, meaning that I wished he would not pursue this line of thought.

    “We live in an age of extremes”, he continued. “There has never been a time so full of wonders as our own nor one so brutal.”

  8. AA Cunningham says:

    “… mainstream journalism …” InFormationDiakonia says:
    21 April 2021 at 10:37 AM

    Doesn’t exist. The DLEMM – Dominant Liberal Establishment Mass Media – aka the fourth estate, was polluted with America and truth hating leftists long before William Safire referred to them as nattering nabobs of negativism. That cabal of lying radicals is anything but mainstream.

  9. Semper Gumby says:

    InFormationDiakonia: “And I think the day is coming, and actually is already here, where we will see people who support law and order taking steps to reign in the anarchy. We already see armed civilians guarding businesses to prevent “protesters” from stealing their “reparations”.”

    Good point. The 1992 L.A. riots had Roof Koreans. Last year in several towns in Idaho and Colorado citizens and sheriffs combined, sometimes on horseback, to make the fascist Antifa and racist BLM rabble mind their manners, even ran them out of town on several occasions.

    Clare: “Today I got emails from both our Catholic high school and University, expressing approval for the verdict and hoping this would contribute to reconciliation. Even my own daughters are on board with this. Of my children, they’re almost half BLM sympathizers. I can’t even have a conversation with some of them about it.”

    That’s a tough one with family members. For what it’s worth, a few tips. As others have noted, the Left is often skilled at brainwashing students, the result often being knee-jerk emotional reactions by youth, expressed mainly as “I’m angry” and “I hate.” Patiently try to get your children to broaden their vocabulary, and thus their thinking, by using words such as “aggravated” “exasperated” and “disgusting.” Gently help them to make distinctions and think beyond slogans and sound bites.

    There are some interesting Twitter accounts, such as MalcolmFlex, TheOfficerTatum and DavidDPaxton (that one I’m unfamiliar with but I’m told Paxton referred to LeBron James today as “insane” so…).

    Perhaps step back from the intensity of the current moment and instead discuss the mayhem of the 1960s using, for example, David Horowitz’s book “Radical Son”- which details why he distanced himself from the Radical Left. Some wild anecdotes in that book.

    At The Federalist there are some good articles on Mass Delusion, “de-programming” and “cultural captivity” by Stella Morabito.

    If Christianity and weapons are an issue, share with them a St. Gabriel Possenti prayer card or medal.

    This ain’t an easy road (all Glory be to God) but patience and spending time on common interests are helpful. So is having a little fun. Maybe leave on the coffee table a copy of one of Thomas Sowell’s books, the one with the eye-catching title of “Black Rednecks and White Liberals.” Cheers.

  10. KateD says:

    Candace is such a great speaker. I love her strength and clarity. She pulls no punches. Brilliant and beautiful.
    We need more young people like her.

    And she is so persuasive. I was certain she was going to convert Russel Brand to the RIGHT side of things :)

    And on the topic of Russel Brand he just released a video summary of his interview with Snowden. Some really great points made in there.

    Here’s a tid-bit:
    “The greatest conspiracies are open and notorious. They are not theories, but practices; practices expressed through law and policy in systems of government, technology and finance.

    “Conspirators more often than not announce their intentions. They are reported all over the place. They are in our newspapers; they are on the banners on the covers of magazines. We get updates on their progress, bulletins on the bottom of chyrons on newsfeeds, with so much regularity that we have become innerved to it. This leaves us sort of unable to relate the banality of the methods of their conspiracy to the repacity of their ambitions….”

    And Snowden is clever enough (along with Assaunge) to have been able to have avoided getting suicided by the Clintons.

    These young people, give us reason to hope in the future of the nation.

  11. Ellen says:

    For more years than I can imagine, I have wanted to go to New York and Washington DC. I don’t want to set foot there now. I am quite leery of going to any large city now. For the first time in my life, and I lived through the 60’s, I am in fear. I can only cling to the cross and pray.

  12. KateD says:


    I am with you re:DC.

    Prior to the election my mom suggested we take a girls trip there for my birthday. She couldn’t understand what I meant when I said, “Let’s see how the election goes”. She asked “What could an election possibly have to do with a trip we take?”

    A lot.

    International travel is out as well.

    If a foreign country were to treat an American poorly, there is no president to direct negotiations on their behalf…and the weakness shown in the executive office only serves to embolden those (foreign and domestic) who would do bad if left to their own devices with no repercussions. Remember what happened to the marine who accidentally crossed into Mexico with a firearm during the Obama years?

    What is it? Only April? It’s gonna be a loooong few of years!

  13. Jim Dorchak says:

    As a veteran of the US Navy, it is very interesting to see the collapse of the former USA from afar. It is even more interesting to see it go down with out a fight.

  14. L. says:

    I saw a comment somewhere today that was striking. The Chauvin case is popularly viewed as being a racial hate crime, even though there is absolutely no evidence of any such motivation. In fact, despite the existence of hate-crime laws in Minnesota, Chauvin was not charged with violating one.

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    Jim Dorchak: If I recall from a comment you made a year or so ago you live in Chile, you now claim to be “a US Navy veteran.” Read the post and comments again. You clearly do not understand asymmetric warfare or preparation of the battlefield (such as spiritual, information, intelligence, and physical preparations). Be aware that if the U.S. founders multiple wars will break out around the globe in short order, which will rapidly produce a situation that far exceeds “interesting.” Furthermore, unlike WW II and the Cold War Christians and citizens around the world (e.g. in Ireland, China and Canada) resisting tyrannical governments also have to contend with a wicked Vatican. Take a closer look and think, there is resistance. That said, good luck to you and yours.

  16. Semper Gumby says:

    Several commenters remarked on cities and their security problem. Good point. The security situation in cities is likely to continue to deteriorate this decade. Another commenter mentioned “go bags.” An excellent resource is Jim Rawles’ “Survival Blog.” Note the index of topics, there are many helpful posts.

    Unlike WW II and the Cold War there are many anti-Christians, anti-Americans and even domestic terrorists who have infiltrated city, state and the Federal government, the same situation exists in other countries. That said, take heart and persevere. We have work to do, but one way or another the barbarians have already lost.

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  18. The Astronomer says:

    False narratives of Critical Race Theory + Systemic White Racism + BLM agitation (“I am a Marxist by training“) + AntiFa = Marxist Communism.

    All are the fruits of neglect of Our Lady’s request: “I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world…”

    She never stated “and the United States of America will be immune to Russia’s errors no matter what..”

    Rosary + Springfield M1A Standard Rifle .308 = Prepared

  19. Kathleen10 says:

    Candace is a treasure. Talk about a profile in courage.
    Jim Dorchak, funny choice of words, especially for a veteran.
    We are experiencing a Marxist Color Revolution. Biden and bewigged nightmare and race agitator Maxine Waters made a mistrial likely. They knew a conviction was going to happen, and what use is a conviction to the cause? The unrest and division will be stoked into the future for political capital. White liberals have not yet realized they will not be eaten last. These are the dumb fools who have put us where we are.

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