“Days in Rome” Project – October 2023

It’s time for another Days in Rome appeal.  Long-time readers know that I try to get back to Rome in April/May and in October.

Why?  This is my way to keep my brain alive, my priestly identity strong and – having been cancelled in significant ways – my liturgical batteries recharged.  Last April and May were a truly graced time.  I was happy for the first time in a long time.  Since I was last there, as a matter of fact.

My plan is to arrive in Rome on 1 October, spend the whole month and into November so I can be there for my birthday, which coincides with the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage, as well as for All Saints and All Souls.  I’ll be at my adoptive parish, Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini, daily, of course.  I’ll be back in the apartment I’ve had several times, which is in “my neighborhood”.  This time I’ll again search for a possible piedàterre which would also provide a place for priest friends who visit.  Ask St. Philip and St. Joseph and Ven. Mary Ward to help.

Mostly, I need simply to live.

I do these fundraisers in terms of “days in Rome”, which will cover my best estimate of airfare, rent, food, getting around, etc.  Eating “out” in Rome is expensive, so I’ll save a great deal by having my own kitchen.  Besides, it’s hard to beat what I make anyway especially with those great ingredients, and it’s a pleasure to shop the shops I’ve known for years, decades really.

Please give me a hand with this?    

I’ll record the names of everyone who donates for this, large and small, and remember you at daily Mass, pray for you at the tombs of saints, and say Mass for your intention often.  During April and May it was pretty much every other day.

I also remember my regular monthly donors and keep days open for emergency intentions and Requiems.

The usual ways of donating are available.  Some of you know them already.    Zelle, through your bank works well. For international donations there is a service called WISE which is very good and has the lowest fees and best conversion rate I’ve seen and I can accept any currency with it, convert it, and either move it or withdraw it using an ATM in Rome.  Try WISE. HERE

There’s also waaavy flag.

Add a note “Days in Rome” and your email if you want me to write back.

Once again, as I start this up I suspect the Enemy will start to screw around with my life in annoying ways.  This is what happens each time.  Last March the attack was on my mother, which really pissed me off.  I ask your continuing prayers for her: mother of a priest.  The Enemy does not want me in Rome, happy.  I really didn’t want to leave last time.

Venmo - no fees<br>Use your smart phone's camera.

Venmo – no fees
Use your smart phone’s camera.

NB: Services like PayPal take a fee. For larger donations checks by snail mail could be better.  This is the best way for any significant amount.  It isn’t as fast, of course, but it saves money.  Contact me HERE about that or about other ways, like Zelle, etc.  There is a faster mailing address than through the old P.O. Box on the side bar, though that works (it’s slow because it has to be forwarded).

My best arguments for support for this project are as they were before: Masses celebrated for the donors for the project, enhanced content here, and the knowledge that often, when walking about, I suddenly realize that I am smiling.

UPDATE 11 August:

The original goal has been reached.  THANK YOU.   Anything more that comes in will go to this trip… because things are always more expensive than you originally think.  Also, it can roll-over into next spring.  Easter 2024 falls on 31 March.   So, I would hope to head to Rome (after my mother’s birthday in mid March) and stay for some time.

Thanks … PS: A lot of you are using Chase/Zelle and Venmo.  Fast and easy.

DD, MD, JL, AKP, LP, JS, TE, JPMcG, JW, DE, LD, GB, AC, VF, MF, JS, DH, JS, JW (no email address), AB, JP, JT, TB, MAB, SC, EG, HL, RM, SB, JP, MH, TB, NB, LG, JC, JF, AN, MH, TO’R, CP. TP. JM. CS, ML, JM, MP, LP, WH, JN, MH, PG, AD, DvdH, MM, AT, DC, DF, MMcC, KB, E&PS, W&K, AK, AH, JH, AS, EC, MH, TG, GG, JN, HS, TY, EP, JH.

And more…



I am so grateful to those who sent some snail-mail donations.  I finally got them.



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