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  1. ioannes says:

    Two against eight? Does that seem fair to you?

  2. They haven’t excommunicated Mohoney yet? Ah well, there is always Latæ Sententiæ…

  3. Bob says:

    Those guys are against the Moto? No problem… we can take them…

  4. Augustine says:

    From the presider: “All right, cardinals: Who’s in favor of the motu proprio?”

  5. Brian says:

    “Look at that joker! His beanie is crooked! (What do we call these red skull caps thingies again?)”

  6. Kevin Jones says:

    Ecce cardines sine porta!

  7. Cardinal on the Left gives the “thumbs up” to Cardinal Roger Mahoney’s
    liturgical dance interpretation of the Electric Slide just concluded on
    the Cardinal Sooooul Train dance line. Cardinal on the the Right is still
    consider whether that was better then Cardinal Francis Arinze’s Hustle.

  8. Dan Hunter says:

    “I think I could outflank Arinze at fullback tryouts.”

  9. “Red rover, red rover, send Francis on over!”

  10. Anonymous says:

    “From what I can tell, the wind is blowing in the RIGHT direction”

  11. We’ll send Bertone on a deep route down the right, then I’ll fake the hand off to Arenze, then I’ll do a flea-flicker to you before the pocket collapses.

  12. Peter says:

    “Clown Masses? They’rrre outta here!”

  13. ignorant-redneck says:

    Hey–didn’t Arinze just tie Berone’s soes together?

  14. Tim from St. Agnes says:

    We need a new Cardinal to sit over there, how about Cardinal Zuhlsdorf?

  15. Jeffrey Stuart says:

    As is custom in Papal Dodgeball, the visiting Cardinal (on the left) gets the first pick of all other eligible Cardinals.

  16. PMcGrath says:

    Just roll it right down that line there for the perfect strike, Eminence.

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