More server news and tweaking the blog

I am told by the nice folks at Joyent that you folks have already pushed this blog to half the server’s capacity!!

All I can say is


Bring it on!  You are fantastic. 

Joyent tells me they are moving us now over to an industrial strength machine designed for the big time.  Huzzah!

I really need a tame web development guru now, I think.

Since the first server migration I have identified some problems to correct.  One of them I am pushing hard to correct today/tonight if possible.  That is the code problem that is screwing up the special characters. 

All in good time,


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  1. techno_aesthete says:

    I really need a tame web development guru now

    Which OS (Unix/Linux/Windoze) and programming language (Perl/JAVA/PHP/VB) are you using?

  2. techo: I guess I really need a developer for WordPress, more than anything. I eventually will need to think about theme issues and upgrading, etc.

  3. Augustine says:


    In case you haven’t seen my solutions to a couple of your problems, I posted them here:

  4. frival says:

    FWIW, Joyent is a big Sun customer so I imagine it’s running on Solaris. Father, let them know you have an “in” there if it’s needed. :)

  5. techno_aesthete says:

    Well, I have worked with Sun servers, but not WordPress.

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