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Today on Bill Bennett’s weekday radio show Morning in America I heard from Micheal Flaherty President of Walden Media said that in production now are Prince Caspian of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and also The Screwtape Letters

I frequently listen to an unabridged audio reading of The Screwtape Letters by none other than John Cleese.  It is fantastic.  There is another audio recording now, read by Ralph Cosham but it is flat and stale compared to John Cleese’s version. 

The Cleese version is available now on CD in a UK version, and it is spendy, but worth it.

UPDATE: I heard that the three youngsters of the Harry Potter films have been signed on to complete all the HP cycle of films.

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  1. Roman_Sacristan says:

    Although not new, I have seen that “Becket” with Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole has been restored. It is being shown in limited release around the U.S. and is FINALLY being released on DVD in May.
    I always loved the excommunication scene, I don’t know if that actually follows any type of rite but the “liturgy” of excommunication was very powerful visually.

  2. Paul Murnane says:

    Just a quick note on [b]Prince Caspian[/b]: a young man I sponsored in 2005 is one of the people responsible for managing the network & servers for this movie (he also worked on LWW). Since everything is digitized, the pressure on him and his tam is immense. Even a small problem can cost hours and days in production time. Please say a prayer for Nick. Thank you.

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