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  1. Royce says:

    I swear I’ve been good this year Holy Father! What? No, we’ll get rid of those guidelines right away, just don’t bring me coal again this year!

  2. LOL! Nice try, Vincenzo. The day I meet the Holy Father, my head will be covered and I’ll be kissing his ring not shaking his hand.

    My captions:

    The Holy Father screams: “Guards!”


    Holy Father: “How are the Vikings doing?”

  3. Habemus Papam says:

    Pope: “You ain’t seen seen nothing yet. 2008 is the bigee!”

  4. Grunt says:

    Nulla est medicina sine lingua Latina

  5. Peterk says:

    “and how many Latin Masses are said in your diocese?”

  6. John Enright says:

    I knew I should have gone BEFORE halftime.

  7. danphunter1 says:

    Don’t look now Cardinal Mindzsenty but that’s Cardinal Roncalli just behind you.

  8. John Polhamus says:

    Holy Father, we have come to request you to wear the Camauro with the winter mozetta again this year! Please? There are still three days left till Christmas, you know!!

  9. Doug says:

    “I’m sorry Cardinal. What was your name again? You all do so look alike.”

  10. Dr. J says:

    “Holy Father, I’d like a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas!”

    “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

  11. moretben says:

    “Okay, what’s your plan if I decide to give you Westminster?”

    ” – Well, Holy Father, I’d… I’d…”


  12. david andrew says:

    “. . . and I want a 1962 Missale with the red leather binding and gold edges on the pages and plenty of ribbons. . . and a mens’ schola and . . . “

  13. stacy says:

    Pope whispering: “Summorum Pontificum lives. Pass it on.”

  14. Louis E. says:

    (with apologies to the prelate into whose mouth I put these words)
    “But Holy Father,if we can’t define `idoneus’ as meaning `unanimously declared a better Latin poet than Ovid or Horace,historian than Livy or Tacitus,tragedian than Seneca,and comic playwright than Plautus by the classics faculties of ten different universities’,then how are we to guarantee places on the schedule for our Heavy Metal Striptease Masses?”

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