Caption call

"Yes, for the hundreth time… they found the ring, already!

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  1. TNCath says:

    To the bishops: “Get ready, boys! You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

  2. Franklin Jennings says:

    “Ok… 1-2-3,1-2-3… Roll out the barrel…”

  3. Aq says:

    “Do you know, my dear brothers and sisters, where will go all those good bishops who read and obey Summorum Pontificum? Amen, amen, digo vobis. Most surely will they go to heaven!”

  4. Fr Ó Buaidhe says:

    One Ring to bind them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to rule them all,
    And to the rubrics bind them.

  5. danphunter1 says:

    “To you curial officials who released all that nonsense about the deformation of the Good Friday prayers, I give you the back of my hand.”

  6. That’s an awful like a ‘live action’ shot of the teaching gesture you refer to in the comments to this post, Father.

  7. Jeff Pinyan says:

    The Holy Father demonstrates his bowling technique; the Vatican’s “holy rollers” are undefeated in their league.

  8. Our sweet LORD does not will for the Church to be subjected to liturgical claptrap. No! In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he brings us to reverence AND joy…which ARE compatible, by the way!!!

  9. “Two men decided that they wanted to have a BBQ at the Vatican, so they climbed over the wall and into the garden. While one of the men was setting up the grill, the other noticed the Holy Father coming into the garden area and dove in the bushes. The Holy Father walked right up to the man with the grill, said something to him and appeared to make the sign of the cross over him and and walked away. The man in the bushes ran up to his friend and said, “Was that something! Not only did he speak to you, he gave you a papal blessing!!! What did he say?”

    The other man, while making a gesture that looked like the blessing repeated the Holy Father’s words:

    “He said, ‘You and the fella in the bushes get your grill and get the heck outta here!'”


  10. Maureen says:

    “Release the springerle!”

  11. JohnE says:

    Everybody was Kung-fu fightin’! (yes, everybody)

  12. Bernard from Iowa says:

    (After the Holy Father sees Fr. Z’s pic on the WDTPRS blog)

    Yo, Fr. Z. THIS is how you do it.

  13. Geoffrey says:

    “Eat, drink, and be merry, for soon Lent will be upon us!”

  14. Dorothy says:


  15. Jason in San Antonio says:

    “You heard what I said in SP–what, you want a fresh one?”

  16. Ronald McCloskey says:

    “I do a favour for you . . . maybe you do a favour for me someday.”

  17. Brian Sudlow says:

    “I’m going to count to five, and any bishop who hasn’t implemented Summorum Pontificum by then is going to be losing HIS ring!”

  18. Philothea says:

    “Oy vey!”

  19. “Zay ze Black, Do ze Red! Everybody now together zing togezer….!”

    :-) Gordo

  20. “Say the Black, Do the Red! Everybody now sing together….!”

    :-) Gordo

  21. You dont agree with the Moto Eminence? Ask me if I care!

  22. KK says:

    Fünf shall be the number of the count, and the number of the counting shall be fünf. By the way, has anyone seen my Hasenpfeffer?

  23. Jill of the Amazing Wolverine Tribe says:

    It’s getting harder and harder to hail a cab around here.

  24. David Andrew says:

    “For the next benediction, we’re gonna use a monstrance that’s THIS tall!”

  25. Tom lanter says:

    What can I say? Before the election I spoke to the Jesuits like a Dutch Uncle.

  26. matthew says:

    East is this way

  27. Melody says:

    One Ring to bind them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to rule them all,
    And to the rubrics bind them.

    Comment by Fr Ó Buaidhe

    ROFL… XD

  28. Proud Tridentine Catholic says:

    “…I most certainly was not kidding when I said you would all have to take the Oath Against Modernism before we continue!”

  29. Tim Ferguson says:

    Okay, now zee Kardinals on zee left side (ja, dat’s you Lehman):

    “Ein prosit, ein prosit, Gemutlichkeit!…”

  30. Cristhian says:

    “It’s easy…Dominus Vobiscum!, ok?…1..2..3”

  31. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    “Turning toward the Lord? Now THAT’s amore!”

    “Away from me ye cursed ….”

  32. Brian Anderson says:

    Look East

  33. Derald Barron says:

    “If I have to come over there I am gonna to back hand you across the room!”

  34. KK says:

    Ach! I must miss yet another Blognic mit Fr. Z.

  35. giovanni says:


    We have a winner!

  36. giovanni says:

    “Ist das nicht dein derestriction?
    Ja das ist mein derestriction!
    O du schone, O du Schone, O du Schone

  37. giovanni: “Ist das nicht dein derestriction?


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