Changes for Vicariate of Rome

The great Camillo Card. Ruini, one of the pivotal figures in the Italian Church’s recovery of her voice in the public square and close collaborator of the late John Paul II and now Benedict XVI, is retiring soon from his post as Vicar of Rome. 

Apparently Agostino Card. Vallini, presently at the Segnatura will replace him.

Changes are coming.

People are buzzing that Bp. Rino Fisichella, Auxilliary of Rome and Rector of the Lateran University will go to the CDF to replace Archbp. Angelo Amato as Secretary.  Amato is rumored for a Prefect spot, at Saints or maybe Divine Worship.

WDTPRS is hoping for a future Cardinal Ranjith!

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  1. TJB says:

    “WDTPRS is hoping for a future Cardinal Ranjith!”

    Here’s hoping also for a future Bishop Zuhlsdorf! Maybe a Cardinal Burke while we’re at it…

  2. RichR says:

    Ranjith has shown his staunch loyalty to the papacy, even at the risk of personal demise. I would hope that BXVI would want to surround himself with those types. I know that many would be energized with a red hat on Ranjith’s head – just as many were energized when they heard the words:

    Emminentissimum ac reverendissimum dominum, dominum Iosephum, sanctæ romanæ Ecclesiæ cardinalem Ratzinger

  3. RTM says:

    TJB….I’m with you 1000 percent!

  4. What about Cardinal Kasper? He’s reached 75 in March.

  5. Jack says:

    Not just Cardinal, but maybe, eventually, Papa Ranjith? Hear me out, if Ranjith is 60 right now, and Benedict is 80, even if His Holiness lives for 10 more years (and I hope he does), Ranjith will only be seventy at the time of the conclave. That’s old, yes, but not that old, and Ranjith might get elected.

    You heard it here first.

  6. Cardinal Ranjith sounds good, Cardinal Z sounds good as well, either one coming to LA would be a good thing ;)

  7. TJB says:

    That would be wonderful indeed, though it seems unlikely, at least for now, given that Bishop Ranjith is apparently very unpopular in the curia. Not that his unpopularity is a bad thing, but since a Pope is selected by a majority vote, it makes it seem unlikely. But of course it will ultimately be the Holy Spirit who selects the Holy Father, so here’s hoping (and praying) for a future Papa Ranjith! …Who will then certainly appoint Bishop Zuhlsdorf as the head of the Congegation for Divine Worship & Sacraments!

  8. michigancatholic says:

    Cdl Kasper? Retire him. Give him a radio, a coffeepot and a pet cat and send him off to a retirement home with no internet access. Done.

  9. Louis E. says:

    With regard to the Vicariate of Rome…for some time I have wondered about something…prior to Summorum Pontificum there was a petition noted on some blogs as signed by various Italians asking for the issuance of such a document,and on it appeared “Luigi Moretti Roma”.
    I do not know if this was a full name or the name “Luigi Moretti” followed by a location,as some signers had given locations or organizational affiliations.

    It would be most unusual for Archbishop Luigi Moretti,Vicegerent of Rome,to sign a web petition when he has better channels of communication with his ordinary than that.So if this was not a Mr. Roma,was it a hoaxster or had the Pope consented to a ranking prelate giving a conspicuous signal?

    The answer post-SP might be in what form of liturgy Abp. Moretti celebrates himself…is this known,or is he so deep in the doings of diocesan administration that he never celebrates in front of a congregation?

  10. Michael says:

    “But of course it will ultimately be the Holy Spirit who selects the Holy Father”

    Is this really true? Can we really say that all of the Popes have been directly willed by God? That’s not my understanding. I have been taught that the Holy Ghost will allow Cardinals to choose whomever they like – even to the point of allowing election of “bad” men – but will protect whomever is chosen.

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