D. of Monterey: TLM at Mission San Juan Bautista – 29 June

This note has come in:

SALINAS — After an absence of forty years, the Traditional Latin Mass according to the Roman Missal of 1962 returns to Mission San Juan Bautista on the Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul, Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 2 PM.

The Latin Mass – to be celebrated by Father Nicholas Milich – will be a Sung Mass or Missa Cantata with Gregorian Schola composed of singers from throughout the northern part of the Diocese of Monterey.

In July 2007, Pope Benedict XVI removed all remaining restrictions on the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass in his motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum." Benedict XVI decreed the traditional rite of the Mass as the "Extraordinary Form" of the Roman Rite with any Roman Rite priest free to celebrate it without the permission of the local ordinary or any other ecclesiastical authority.

Current plans call for the Traditional Latin Mass to begin being celebrated regularly on Sundays at the San Juan Bautista Mission.
Additional information: Andrew Russo, 831-753-1419.

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  1. Dustin says:

    I know Fr, Milich. He used to be my pastor. He’s since moved on to St. Rose of Lima Parish in Ephrata, WA, where he’s instituted a weekly celebration of the old Mass. My grandmother has had the opportunity to visit him up there a few times. Once, when one of our parishioners died, the man’s will stipulated that his funeral be an old Requiem Mass. I didn’t know the man but was privileged to attend the rites, celebrated by Fr. Milich. It was the first TLM I’d ever attended (years before, I had visited, with others, a traditionalist community in Spokane, WA, but only later learned they were schismatic–this was the Mt. St. Michael group affiliated with the CMRI, who recently had several nuns return to the Church. I don’t count that experience as a legitimate one).

  2. SFCM organist says:

    Father Milich is a shining example of humble obedience to the hierarchy. Ephrata is not exactly the garden spot of Washington State. Let’s just say that certain liturgical preferences have a way of making priests disappear in Eastern Washington…

    My parish in Kennewick was priveleged to have him celebrate our EF Mass once a month. We sang the Te Deum after Mass in honor of Summorum Pontificum and his face lit up!

    I’m really excited about the upcoming Mass

  3. Geoffrey says:

    I met Fr. Milich just a few weeks ago at a small reception welcoming him to the diocese. He is a wonderful priest. He even spoke warmly of Fr Z and the “Rules of Engagement”! The Bishop of Monterey has welcomed him and the Extraordinary Form with open arms. Sadly, San Juan Bautistia is a 45 minute drive for me, but I plan on attending this Mass on June 29th, and then perhaps once a month thereafter. Deo gratias!

  4. Cerimoniere says:

    I have fond memories of visiting San Juan Bautista several years ago. If I am not confusing it with another of the missions, there is a museum concerning its restoration in the early twentieth century. There is an old photgraph of the Bishop of Monterey-Fresno celebrating Pontifical Mass at the throne at the reopening of the church. I seem to remember wondering how long it would be before the mission would see the traditional liturgy again. It is joyous news to hear that it is about to happen again!

  5. Johnny Domer says:

    How many California Missions now have Tridentine Masses? At least three, I think: this one, San Juan Capistrano, and there’s one other…

  6. Jack007 says:

    That would be Mission San Buenaventura in Ventura.
    Lovely little mission. Last time I was there, someone said they were saying Mass (Sundays at 1:00) thanks to the intervention of the bishop in SPITE of Cardinal Mahoney.
    Jack in KC

  7. Jacob says:

    YAY!!! I’m in the schola!!! We are very excited and looking forward to this upcoming feast! We welcome all to come and join in this history in the making! Finally after 40 YEARS! Deo Gratias is right!

  8. Ygnacia says:

    May God greatly bless our new very pastoral Bishop for his generosity in offering the TLM in the northern part of the diocese. Mission San Juan Bautista is a great spot for the TLM – it is central to both parts of the Monterey Bay area, and has not been ‘wreckovated’. The Bishop mensioned that he has a personal affection for the Mission. The Pastor there has been very open to the TLM comming to the Mission too, with regular updates in the bulletin regarding the TLM. God is good!

  9. Mike says:

    I have a dream, that one day, a traditional order of Franciscans will emerge and the bishops of CA give them all of the Missions.

    Bl. Junipero Serra, ora pro nobis.

  10. schoolman says:

    I will be there on the 29th to join in the celebration of the feast day and the return of the TLM to the Mission!

  11. Phil says:

    These are wonderful news! We live in the East Bay Area, but we’ll be there on the 29th (the whole 6 of us). We may bring other friends.

    Deo Gratias!

  12. Donald says:

    I drive by Mission SJB every day on my way to work. I told the wife, its on the calendar. Look for the goateed short guy, tall wife, and twin boys!

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