Last meal in town

A last bite to eat, again in Chinatown, before heading home to pack!

Tomorrow I depart this “sceptered isle” for the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

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  1. Jon says:


    Chinatown? There’s one in every decent-sized burg back home. You have a chance for one more full-bodied, full-of-hops ale and a final Friday fish n’chips, and you opt instead for…Szechuan shrimp?

    Belloc weeps. Sniff!

  2. Charivari Rob says:

    …the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.


    Hmmm… Maybe I’ll rent Chicken Run tonight.

  3. Ohio Annie says:

    I don’t think Father lives in a decent sized burg. He seems to be rural. Chinese restaurants in those places stir-fry and deep fry things that come frozen in bags, prefab.

  4. pelerin says:

    May I wish you a safe journey back home, Father Z. I was delighted to have met you at the Blognic! One of my sons is at present on his way to New York where he is taking part in the Tunnel to Towers run on Sunday. He will be running with colleagues from the London Fire Brigade joining those from the New York Fire Department commemorating the run made by a courageous NY fireman who lost his life in the Twin Towers. May God bless all these brave men.

  5. Margaret says:

    Mmmmm… I have a sudden craving for POTSTICKERS.

  6. leutgeb says:

    Glad you’ve seen London in some sun, Father. Thanks for organising the blognic and have a safe journey home.

  7. Tomorrow I depart this “sceptered isle” for the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

    Play Ball!

    [since I know you’re a baseball fan]

  8. Northerner says:

    If we’re being ethnically correct, that should be ‘sceptred’ :)

  9. Christabel says:

    Well Father, as Fagin said : “Cheerio, but be back soon!”

    Bon voyage.

  10. Mac McLernon says:

    Great to see you again. Hope the good weather survives past your departure… otherwise I shall have to pray for a further glitch in the air traffic control computer so you have to stay a bit longer…


  11. Joseph Jones says:

    Sorry, but quoting directly from The Bard, it should be ‘sceptr’d’.


  12. By the way…. Every time I have come to England there has been predominantly and unseasonably sunny weather.

    I shall take full credit.

  13. JL says:

    Bring some of that weather back here! The East Coast is dreadful right now.

    (Some years ago after a mass I had attended on a very rainy day, the altar boys (college age) were shelving the hymnals and the celebrant came up to help. “Father, it’s horrible out there,” said one of the servers. “Can’t you do something about it?”)

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