What Does the Samizdat Really Say?

I found this great comment on the blog of Damian Thompson Holy Smoke about the London Blognic (here and here).

A few nights ago I joined a group of Catholic bloggers in a pub in Victoria. They included the world-famous Fr Z from America, Fr Tim Finigan and Mac McLernon ("Mulier Fortis"). We felt like a group of East European dissidents swapping samizdat literature in the 1970s.



For those of you born after the Cold War, "samizdat" is a Russian term for how dissidents against Soviet Communist oppression would create and circulate literature.


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  1. pjo says:

    Samizdat comes from sam- = self- + izdatel’stvo = publishing

  2. pjo: Which is pretty much what bloggers do!

  3. Maureen says:

    Somebody needs to design a blog that looks like ditto paper. Or a hektograph. :)

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