More from the London blognic

So far 17 have dropped in though a couple had to go.

Here are some images posted directly to the blog from my camera on the spot.


All in all, last night some 25 people showed up.  Some folks had to leave pretty early on, and others arrived later.  Thus it is with blognics!

A couple more photos.

There were some to the left and to the right whom I wasn’t able to get in from that angle.

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  1. $#@%&!

    We didn’t get beer at the Cleveland blognic!

  2. John Enright says:

    Father, please don’t forget about having a blognic in the Philadelphia area when you return to the Philly region in October. I’ll be happy to help you in the details.

  3. Stephen Morgan says:

    I had really hoped to come but an accident on the M3 caused me to miss my train. I am sorry not to have been able to catch up with you on this visit Father.

  4. Sorry I missed it too. I’m in Paris, though I passed the warm, barmy evening loitering in chic bars by the Rue de la Huchette, it was scant consolation, needless to say, for missing the blognic in London. Next time.

    Poor showing from Portsmouth, then, Stephen!

  5. Ouch, attack of Gallicisms there.

    Sorry I missed it too. I’m in Paris, and though I passed a warm, barmy evening loitering in chic bars by the Rue de la Huchette, it was scant consolation, needless to say, for missing the blognic in London. I’ll make it next time.

    Poor showing from Portsmouth, Stephen!

  6. Bob K. says:

    Father you should ask the priests over there about the “Magic Circle”.

  7. Bob K: Since Damian Thompson came, we didn’t have to ask!

  8. Joe says:

    Tom in Columbus,

    That’s because you didn’t get the nihil obstat from (the) Bishop’s Finger ;)

    What a great way to make the blogosphere more personal.


  9. Brian and Stephen: I very much look forward to the next trip back. We will for sure organize a blognic, perhaps at some place in Pompey or Gosport.

  10. mcitl says:

    John Enright:

    What are the dates for Philly, or have they been settled yet? Nothing “shews” on Faatha’s “shed-yule” as of yet…

  11. mcitl says:

    We have accomodations standing by and a prime spot for a Maryland/DC blognic at Olney Ale House in the 20832 zip code for to be squeezed into Fr Z’s plans for early Oct.

    Any other takers for that locale?

  12. mcitl says:

    Let’s “draft” him, shall we?


  13. Aine says:

    If it’s ever in NYC I’m there already.

    Info for those who live in or around NYC:

    Free Latin Class in NYC!

    Last night I attended a free Latin class offered at St. Paul’s parish on 59th St. and Columbus Ave. in NYC.

    The class meets Wednesday evenings from 7-9 PM at 405 W 59th St. (parish center) for 10 consecuitve weeks in the fall (starting now) and ten more weeks (start date TBD).

    It looks very promising and all are welcome. There is no required work or exams. About 60 people attended last night’s session.

    The teacher is a classics PhD student at Fordham and a parishoner at the Church, and appears very enthusiastic. It will focus on Ecclesiatical (i.e. Church Latin). Each session will have 1:30 on Latin and then 30 minutes on Liturgical topics (prayers, hymns, the Mass, etc.).

    Next Wed., 24 September, the class will conclude with the Ordinary Form of the Mass in Latin.

    Here’s the teacher’s web-site for more info.…cal_Latin.html

    God Bless

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