I’d pay real money for this TV channel

I picked this up from the Shrine:

Sunday, January 17
Tonight on Mystical Theology Theater 3000

Santa Claus conquers the Maritains: Coming down the chimney one Christmas eve, good old St. Nick is surprised by the elderly Jacques Maritain and spends the rest of the night charming the theologian and his wife Raisa with his tales of beating the snot out of Arius at the Council of Nicaea. (TV-PG-XIII. Arianism and violence.)


THAT is funny!

IMO, their TV items are among the best on that blog.

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  1. A. J. D. S. says:

    The authorship seems to have dwindled to a single author as of late — reminds me of the fate of the Cornell Society for a Good Time.

  2. Mike Morrow says:

    Thanks. That made my day. MTT3K indeed!

    I sorely miss that clever TV show and the robots from Minneapolis…Mystery Science Theater 3000. Has it been eleven years already? MST3K was the only cult that ever captured me.

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