Just plain FUN!

Super biretta tip to Jimmy Akin!


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  1. spesalvi23 says:

    Hehehehe…. I’m ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Thanks, Father Z!!

  2. Oh, that was fun.

    You know, people on the NY subway caught on a lot faster than people in the NY public library, Grand Central Station, and other places I’ve seen in cities on these public improv-type videos. It would seem that people on the subway really are paying pretty close attention, no matter how much they present a studied blankness. (Though, to be fair, a Princess Leia outfit is a bit more of a telltale than some of the others.)

    The guy sitting next to Princess Leia was a trip. Checking what she was reading…. :)

  3. Bryan says:

    This is viral right now on Facebook.

    People LOOK like they’re staring off into space on the NYC subway…but, trust me, 15 years of commuting from Bedford Park Blvd. to 59th on the “Dynamite D” line…mostly at 4AM…everyone sees EVERYTHING.

    If you’re a regular commuter, you are not as anonymous as you think…;)

  4. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Improv Everywhere some some hysterical stuff, especially around New York City.

    One of my favorite bits was when they had a book signing for Anton Chekov in a public park. Simply brilliant.

  5. FrCharles says:

    The 6 has always been the funnest train. “Princess edition.” That kills me.

  6. Onesimus2 says:

    Darth ALWAYS reminds me of a Benedictine I had in college…of course HE said I reminded him of Chewbacca…..Nothing this fun happens in DC!

  7. MLivingston says:

    I was hoping somebody would set down his camera and RESCUE that lady!! Welcome to the 21st century … it may not be long before they’re coming to get US and I hope somebody does something else than take a picture! Wonder if the actors had a plan B if they were actually resisted…

  8. irishgirl says:

    That was FUNNY-especially with all the passengers taking pictures!

    I was half expecting Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookie to come flying in to rescue the Princess!

    Vincenzo-your picture is HYSTERICAL! Fr. Tim just sitting and reading the paper while there’s a PRIEST FIGHT-with light sabers nonetheless-between Fr. Z and Fr. Longnecker! I nearly laughed out loud in the library!

  9. Prof. Basto says:

    Thanks for the good laugh.

  10. Re: Resistance

    Everybody realized it was a joke, so nobody did anything. (Which would be a good mystery plot, if you think about it. Comedic abductors.)

    However, I suspect that if they’d picked a subway car with somebody sufficiently geeky and willing to do funny stuff in public, or if that kid watching had had his lightsaber with him, there might have been a rescue!

  11. S. Murphy says:

    Suburbanbanshee – Chesterton did that – _The Club of Queer Trades_

  12. Thomas S says:

    That was funny, but my God, how I hate cellphones! Whether it’s this silliness on the train or a Papal Mass, people always are viewing events through a tiny cellphone screen.

    Just enjoy it with your own eyes! When the Holy Father processes by you, or when a Dark Lord of the Sith arrests a space princess on your subway car, just enjoy the experience.

    It also KILLS story-telling in this culture. Nobody can articulately and entertainingly tell a story anymore because all they’re accustomed to is sticking their cell in your face to watch a crappy, shaking 2 in. X 2 in. video.

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