The Feeder Feed: two new birds

Action at the Feeder and elsewhere, today.

Grosbeaks galore.

I believe this is  new visitor.  I think it is Brewer’s Blackbird.

I don’t think it is Common Grackle, because it didn’t have the purple and green sheen.

Not sure.  Two, showed up one day and spent a lot of time trying to get at the suet cage.

Haven’t seen them since.

I have been seeing some mature Orioles, which surprised me.  I thought they had taken off already.

But this is a young adult male molting into its more mature colors.

And now for a sight both fearsome and alluring, at least to his rivals and the ladies.

Behold, Macho Puffed-Up Goldfinch.  Carduelis macho-sufflatus.

This guy hung around on that wire for a few minutes, puffing and relaxing, puffing and relaxing, no doubt striking despair in the hearts of the other males while melting female resistance.

Goldfinches nest late in the season.

At Sabine Pond I had a close encounter with an young Great Blue Heron.

I have seen this one many a time, but he always takes to flight when I get anywhere near.

This time not, for some reason.  He eats the fry around the edge of the pond.

It is sometimes hard to tell the young herons from the Sandhill Crane.

Finally, he launched himself to the other side of the pond.

Whence I was scrutinized with disapprobation.

At last, he had enough.

Finally, I note with great pleasure that the Chickadees are back in force.

I am not sure why they haven’t been coming to the feeders very much during the summer.

I would see one once in a while, and hear them at a distance.  I can usually draw them in, imitating their call, but not so much this summer.

I believe most of them were on an Alaskan Cruise.

But, they seem, to be back.  And my oh my do they like that saffron seed right now!  HELP!

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  1. dans0622 says:

    Yes, Father, that can’t be a grackle. It looks like a red winged blackbird except what should be red/yellow is black. Maybe it’s a juvenile.


  2. Incaelo says:

    It’s probably a good thing the chickadees were away during the summer. If they’re anything like our European bluetits, they feed their young on a high-protein diet – lots of bugs and such, and not seeds. Young chickadees can’t get all the sustenance they need from a mostly vegetarian diet.

  3. irishgirl says:

    Neat pictures as always, Father Z!

    Especially the ‘puffy’ goldfinch and the ‘staring’ blue heron!

    The picture of the heron taking off was pretty cool, too!

    ‘All ye feathered fowls, praise the Lord….’

  4. Supertradmum says:

    The Purple Grackle has a distinct blue-head with a blue collar. The Brewer’s Blackbird has similar coloring, but the colors run into each other. Also, I think the Brewer’s is more “stubby” and shorter in its body. We have both here in our area. I have not seen a chickadee since June. The Red-Winged Blackbird and the Yellow-Winged Blackbird, both here as well, have, of course, the distinct red or yellow wing bars.

  5. Amy MEV says:

    Sigh…I love your bird pics. I have always wanted a quiet place to watch birds from my home. Someday…

  6. AnAmericanMother says:

    Love the heron!

    My parents live on the GA coast, and they have several regular Heron visitors. Not to mention hordes of red-winged blackbirds.

  7. mdsmelser says:

    “Neat pictures as always, Father Z!

    Especially the ‘puffy’ goldfinch and the ‘staring’ blue heron!

    The picture of the heron taking off was pretty cool, too!

    ‘All ye feathered fowls, praise the Lord….’”


  8. wanda says:

    Amazing variety of birdz, Father. I love the puffing Goldfinch and the Heron. We’ve had a visit or two from the Heron here (we have a small pond) but he tried to clean out our goldfish! We had to go out and shoo him away, though he wasn’t easily shooed. Thank you for sharing the great pictures of your feathered friendz.

  9. irishgirl says:

    Thanks, mdsmelser-that’s the first time I’ve ever been quoted in full! : D

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