Webcams: R.I.P.

The webcams for the birdfeeders… the cams I had outside… survived the elements for a long time.

They died in a recent storm.

Only the internal cams are left.   I have pointed them to the small feeder attached to my office window, but I no longer can provide a good view of the other hanging feeders.

I found in searching for the cheap 5.0 megapixel cams, that there are now cheap 12.0 megapixel cams ($8).  The 5MPs gave a very clear image.  The drawback was that they are made for low light.  When there is direct sun they wash out pretty much completely.  The more expensive cams adjust for light.  But the cheap price on the cams makes it possible to put them outside without much worry.  These last two endured pretty brutal conditions for a long time.  I have an idea about how to protect them further.  Furthermore, the 12.0 cams have built in mics, whereas the 5.0’s did not.

Technology is great, when it works.

UPDATE: A kind soul, and obviously birdwatcher, W, has notified me that new webcams are on the way!

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I received today from the great Roman, FA, Laszlo Dobszay’s The Restoration and Organic Development of the Roman Rite.  In the finest Roman style, FA sent not only food for the mind and soul, but food for the body as well.  Included in the shipment was a sixpack… of packets of linguine!

And I want to assure FA that I was paying attention.  No sooner did I start playing with the plastic bad it came in, but I noticed that there was a stern warning on the bag itself: THIS BAG IS NOT A TOY.  I immediately stopped playing with it.

Given the great FA’s sense of humor. however, I am surprised that he did not send me strozzapreti.

Thanks, FA! 

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  1. Brian Day says:

    Fr Z,

    I saw that you added the webcams to your wishlist yesterday. I tried to order the four you requested, but Amazon would only let me order one. I tried to re-set the quantity to four a couple of times but I kept getting an error message.
    So one more is coming from me (standard shipping) along with something else from the list.

  2. doanli says:

    God bless you abundantly, W. (fellow bird lover here!)

  3. Brian: Many thanks! Hopefully have the extra cam will result perhaps in an additional angle. I would love to run one out the big feeders, but I am not sure how to do that.

  4. wanda says:

    Well, we simply can’t do without watching Fr. Z’s birdz!

  5. irishgirl says:

    What wanda said!

    Wow-your webcams got ‘fried’ in the storm, Father Z?

  6. irish: I don’t know what actually got them. Perhaps the wind drove rain into them. Dunno. But they are just as dead.

  7. Walden says:

    OOOHHH…I made it 599!

  8. Paulo says:

    601! Ha!


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