UPDATED: Of “rubber bullets”

ORIGINAL: Aug 19, 2014 @ 12:02

Something both funny and serious at the same time.

A HuffPo reporter at Ferguson, MO spotted some foam earplugs on the ground and thought they might be rubber bullets.  I think he was probably eager to report how the violent police officers using excessive force on the crowds were making matters worse.  That’s my guess, at least.  This was a HuffPo guy, after all.  To be fair, he did ask for a confirmation.   But, yes, I think his eagerness lead him astray.

Anyway, the Twittersphere went after this poor guy with some benign mocking.  You can find tweets HERE   Some of them are pretty funny, if you want a chuckle.

At the same time, in a more serious vein, I am amazed at how anti-gun folks (yes, I am making an assumption that the HuffPo guy is probably not on board with the 2nd Amendment… I hope I am wrong) are so ignorant about gun-issues.  That’s a problem, especially when they are reporters.

Moreover, you don’t have to be into guns to know what earplugs are. Right?

A sample of the Twitter reaction.  More HERE

UPDATE 22 August:

As a follow up, the legendary Jerry Miculek explores whether or not ear plugs can be fired as “rubber bullets”.  He even shows a real rubber bullet.  There is some good slow motion video.



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  1. Mike says:

    Those pics got me laughing! GREAT fun!

    (Hey, until someone gets hurt with this ear-muffy rounds!)

  2. gloriamary says:

    Thanks for the laughs!

  3. letchitsa1 says:

    Even funnier is that he apparently can’t spell Ferguson, lol. I guess this is what a college education gets us these days?

  4. mrshopey says:

    Thanks for that video. As much problems, and little impact, the ear plugs have, it might be better to just use your hands or a rock. :)

  5. StJude says:

    I saw one on twitter it was a person with ear plugs in their ears and the caption said.. “direct hit”.

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