ant-manTuesday is my movie day: $5 admission all day and “free” popcorn.  Hard to beat.

Yesterday I went to see Ant-Man.  I flipped a coin.  It was either that or the new Terminator flick.

Since I did not grow up on the Marvel side of the great divide, I was entirely unfamiliar (read: I had never heard of) this character. “Ant-Man”?  Really?

It was rollicking fun. The world was saved – again -from very bad people.  Whew.

There were ties to other Marvel films.

I don’t like spoilers, so I won’t post them.

There were lots of ants.  That’s not much of a spoiler.

If you are inclined to see it –WARNING! There were two – 2 – cut scenes at the end. One is after the initial phase of the credits and the other is at the very end.

Marvel seems to be taking over the world.

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  1. Sconnius says:

    Not Marvel, Father. Marvel is just the tool that our Disney overlords have chosen to ensure their domination forever.

  2. ejcmartin says:

    There is a small town, make that VERY small town, in my neck of the woods with a population of 4. Marvel is putting up an ant sized billboard as part of their marketing campaign in that small community. (A former mining town with a few hangers on)

  3. Geometricus says:

    Were you at the same theater as the Blackhawks? Probably just the same “chain”. We also took advantage of the $5 Tuesday but skipped the “free” popcorn because it required the purchase of a high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden beverage.

    We also liked the movie. We really laughed at Michael Peña’s character (Luis). I thought the movie struck exactly the right tone for a super-hero movie in 2015: not so serious or dark to laugh at it, not too flip or silly to shed a little tear at the self-sacrifices found at the heart of the story.

  4. Geometricus says: At my theater, if you are signed up for “frequent flyer” points, on Tuesdays you just show your ticket stub and they give you some popcorn. You don’t have to get the embalming fluid.

  5. Navarricano says:

    I’m both a Marvel and a DC fan, though I lean a bit more to the DC side of things. Because Batman. There’s no doubt, howver, that Marvel got the jump on DC in establishing its cinematic universe, but DC is now making some impressive strides. First off, DC’s built an impressive TV universe with inter-connected shows: Arrow, the Flash, and the new Legends of Tomorrow series slated for the fall. Of course, there was Smallville, and now there’s Gotham and Supergirl, but those exist outside the integrated DC TV Universe on the CW.

    Secondly, the new, longer Batman vs. Superman trailer that previewed at Comic Con this summer looked amazing! This film sets the stage for the appearance of the Justice League, and while darker in tone that The Avengers, it’s going to rock. The Avengers are about to have some serious competition.

    Finallhy, with the appearance of the Supergirl series this fall and Wonder Woman’s upcoming appearance in Batman vs. Superman, setting the stage for her own, stand-alon film, DC has gotten the jump on Marvel in presenting female superheros characters as leads. That’s going to appeal to an important demographic. Major brownie points there.

    Basically, I’ll watch just about any superhero film, DC or Marvel, for good escapist fun. It would never have occurred to me to have an Ant-Man film, but since he was an Avenger in the comics, they’re clearly setting him up to become a member of the team in the future.

  6. Sliwka says:

    I expect Marvel post credit scenes at the end of Batman v Superman. They are everywhere

  7. Magash says:

    I must disagree Navarricano. I thought the Batman vs. Superman trailer overly pretentious. As my adult son said after we saw it, the overly deep bass from the Dolby theater sound system rattling our very bones, “It’s like they’re trying to say ‘we’re an epic film’.”
    I expect it to be a dog. What Warner will do then I have no idea. Man of Steel was a box office success, but generally critically panned. I expect it will be especially reviled by traditional comic book fans, considering the dark tone, except of course for fans of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, which seems to form a basis of of the film, or at least parts of it.

  8. My husband and I enjoyed Ant-Man too. We go to all the comic-book movies. Its where the good guys act good and the bad guys are really bad. Simple. We both read comic books as kids so I am familiar with the stories, and my husband can even tell me what was really in the story line, what was a recent story add or if the movie really screwed up the real comic book story.

    And DH always catches the furtive Stan Lee appearance and points em out if I miss it.

    No. Can’t wait for a home showing. Must. See. In. Theatre. With. Popcorn.
    At the Alamo, I can have a good beer while watching, that’s an extra plus.
    Theatre choice is dependent on quality of popcorn FYI.

  9. Navarricano says:

    Fair enough, Magash. I didn’t see the trailer in a cinema; I saw it on YouTube, so I didn’t get the thundering score.

    They are clearly going for epic with this film and pulling out all the stops. And why shouldn’t they? After all, Superman and Batman are among the oldest, and are definitely the most recognizable, superheroes in comic book history; Spiderman comes close, but is nowhere near as universally-recognizable or popular. So a live-action meeting between the two of them on-screen is, by its very nature, epic. It should be!

    I don’t expect it to be a turkey, despite being completely horrified when I first heard that Ben Affleck had been chosen to the Batman. And the buzz after this summer’s San Diego Comic Con seems to be that there are a lot of people who thought the same as you who’ve been converted after seeing the trailer and attending the panel discussions with the director and cast. But we’ll see. My only real concern is that, in using this film as the departure point for the upcoming Justice League films, they’ll cram too many superhero cameos into it and it will come off clunky. We know Wonder Woman’s in it, and there are rumours that Aquaman, and possibly even The Flash or Cyborg, may make cameos. I hope not. Keep the action focused on Batman and Superman, I say.

    Anyway, time will tell. God bless!

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