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VIDEO Interview: Bp. Gainer of @HBGDiocese about Traditional Roman Rite and vocations

In the older, traditional way of thinking about Holy Mass, when we celebrate a traditional Pontifical Mass, especially at the throne, we perceive the Mass as being the spiritual gathering of the entire diocese in that moment and place in … Read More

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PODCAzT 164: Open Letter From A Young Priest To Bishops

At Crisis there is posted an open letter from an anonymous young priest to bishops. It is a cri de coeur. Where Are the Bishops Who Will Defend Faithful Priests? I read this letter today, so that it will have … Read More

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Tradition is about to be totally cleared ‘cleared through customs’

I read this at Messa in Latino in Italian which I share in my translation: “… I went to the parish to go to confession. The confessor, in his sixties, asked me, “I’ve been here for almost five years but I … Read More

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