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QUAERITUR: If something is in the Catechism, do I have to give in, believe it even though it is different from what the Catechism taught before?

I am getting questions from lots people about Pope Francis’ move to change the Church’s doctrine concerning capital punishment. QUAERITUR: If this is in the Catechism, do I have to give in and believe it even though this is different … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z asks a question about “reception” of a controversial doctrine

Libs are always saying that they don’t have to accept a teaching of the Church when they don’t like it.  For example, when it comes to Ordinatio sacerdotalis or Humanae vitae, they claim that the teachings haven’t be “received”.  Hence, … Read More

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2 August until midnight: “Portiuncula” Plenary (or Partial) Indulgence

From midnight tonight to midnight 2 August, you can gain the “Portinuncula” Indulgence.  This indulgence seems to have been granted directly by Christ Himself in an appearance to St. Francis.  The Lord them told Francis to go to Pope Honorius III, … Read More

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Pope Francis changed the Catechism about the death penalty. What next? Wherein Fr. Z opines.

I wonder if the recent move of the Holy Father to change the text – the teaching of the Church – of the paragraph in the Catechism of the Catholic Church about the death penalty will generate enough buzz to … Read More

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