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Wile. E. Defarge goes to the zoo.

Something is screwy in the head of Madame Wile E. Defarge. To wit, in his recent twirl into sycophantic papalotry, he compares those who are calling for Francis to make things clear and help us properly to deal with the … Read More

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Petition to His Holiness, Pope Francis: INVESTIGATE!

Some interesting petitions are being created and posted online.  There is one at popefrancispetition.com The petition does not ask for Francis to resign.   However, those of you who strongly favor his resignation should still at least have a look at … Read More


ASK FATHER: Mass for the Space Force in the Extraterrestrial Form

This comes from a reader… QUAERITUR: On a somewhat lighter note, what liturgical changes do you think would have to be made for chaplains of a hypothetical Space Force to celebrate Mass in the Extraterrestrial Form? In particular, the Precious Blood seems particularly … Read More

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Wherein homosexualist activist @JamesMartinSJ tries to deceive you

Scandalous Jesuit and homosexualist activist James Martin has a 1700 word deceptive whine at Jesuit produced Amerika Magazine. Let’s have a look. First, a few comment to hold in mind as you sort through Martin’s claims, bad premises, and distortions. Above … Read More

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IMPORTANT: Letter To Pope Francis From Catholic Women

I encourage all the women who read this blog to read and consider signing this Letter to Francis. This is important.  I’ll post the text below, but you have to click the link and go to the site to sign. … Read More

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