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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Beans in a bottle, and Beans in a bubble.

The other day I posted an image of Carracci’s painting of the “Mangiafagioli … The Bean Eater” and in another post I clarified a term used in a don Camillo story, “mangiapreti… priest eater” (a really anti-clerical person). I determined … Read More

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A Tale of Two Churches

I just finished an audio “course”, Living the French Revolution and the Age of Napoleon, from The Great Courses. US HERE – UK HERE There were some great insights in the 48 lectures. Among them, there was grist for the … Read More

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Your Good News – Mass for Benefactors

Do you have some good news to share with the readership?  Let’s hear it!  We need good news. Here’s some good news for you. I will celebrate Holy Mass for the intention of my benefactors, always, of course, including DY … Read More